[Review] THE FACE SHOP Sseal Rejuvenating Escargot Mask Sheet


The very first time I heard and tried a snail product was when MJ came back from Seoul last year and bought snail sheet masks for us 🙂 I totally loved that particular mask but I can’t find it online. It’s a gel texture with a separate eye (or was it lips) mask. So this time, when Jovan’s sis was on vacay in Korea, I jumped on the chance to reconnect with snail masks.

There are many snail masks in Korea and today we have the one from The Face Shop.

Contains 30% of filtered escargot mucus

I have no idea what the Korean words mean, probably talking more about the product and its benefits. Doubt it’s just instructions cos there’s only 1 line in English at the bottom on that and there’s no unique precaution in using this mask. But do take note not to store it in the refrigerator since they mentioned to avoid hot or cold places.

20120624-105703.jpg 20120624-105708.jpg
It’s a 2-piece mask which will adhere nicely to most face shape.

Close up on the texture. It’s a thick stretchy paper material.

Many sheet masks usually have extra essence or are super wet when you first open the packet. However, this mask seems a little drier than what I’m used to or expected so I couldnt’ extend the goodness to my neck and décolleté. After 20 min, I removed the mask and massaged the remaining essence into my skin and let it air dry. About 5min later, it felt like it was all absorbed but when I touched my cheeks, there were sticky. A pretty strange feeling cos when I made faces to test if it’s sticky, it doesn’t feel that way even when I squint my eyes or shut it real tight. So in the end, after another 20min it was still sticky to touch, I washed the excess off and apply toner + moisturizer. If you’ve read my previous reviews on sheet masks, I dont’ like them sticky. But perhaps, there is a madness to all this stickyness. Maybe the stickier the better it locks the goodness in?

Got it @ USD 38 for 12 sheets in Korea
Saw in on qoo10 (gmarket) @ SGD33.90 for 5 sheets


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