[Review] H&M Raspberry Smoothie Pore Cleansing Mask


H&M is really getting pro – they’ve expanded to even skincare which i never thot a fashion giant would.

a friend of mine bought this for me from HK and he doesnt know what my skin type is but i am actually delighted to get this since time to time we need to clarify. more so in Singapore’s humid weather making my skin v oily.

smells really YUMMY. the texture is really thick and creamy. my advise is spread fast as it starts drying up pretty quicky too once exposed to atmosphere.

one packet is enough for 2 applications so i will seal it up with tape after the 1st time and leave it in the fridge.

about 15 min you can really feel tightness on your face and you cannot move a single muscle in order not to cause any cracks/folds in your skin.

super dry and i hope its sucking up all the oil

my least favourite part of this mask. RINSING OFF.
i spend alot of time rinsing off the mask, cos firstly i spend some time to wet the mask to make it creamy enough to wash off, and its really stubborn on the skin.
i suggest rinsing for about 30 sec and using a paper towel to wipe off most of it first before washing again. even after washing once i still spot some stubborn mask on forehead and sides of my nose =x

i can say this clarifying mask is good – pores are def cleared and skin become ‘dryier’.
hence i slap on my moistuirizer after that and all is good.

this retails for HKD19.90 which is about SGD3.40. i would think its expensive but for 2 applications its actually quite affordable.

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