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[Review] Sasatinnie Silky Whitening eye mask


I was given a pack of these when a friend when to HK for holiday. its exactly what i need as my dark circles is one of my major troubled worries for my face.

its those gel type masks soaked in a tray of essence.

closeup of the masks – white gel like texture.

i sleep about 4-5- hours on weekdays, here’s the dark circles

i think it is more prominent as i have fair skin. also, a slight tug under my eye reveals some dark purple veins. i suspect this is due to poor blood circulation as well. i shall do more undereye massage!!

so to me, there is only so much an eye mask can do – lighten and moisturize the skin under the eyes. the root cause can be genetics, lack of sleep, and poor blood circulation.

enjoying the cooling effect under my eye.

i removed the masks after 30 min and went to bed.
.After 5 hours of sleep…

the lighting in the morning ain’t very good – apologies.

i am quite impressed with the results, although i feel that sleep is a major contributing agent to the lightened circles. but this certainly helps 🙂

[Review] Lucidol-L Hair Treatment Water


Contains 2 types of hyaluronic acid.
Quickly moisturizes to straigtened dry or bed had hair

I got this small spray bottle from Guardian during their 50% off. i cant remember how much i paid..

the lower part of my hair is dry and damaged from all the works done over the last 2 years. So i am growing it out now and just got a trim to cut some of it away.

I bought this hoping to moisturize my hair in office or whenever on the go.


the darker part is fine, the coloured part is not.


the ends:

It is still dry and only slightly better i would say. after a few hours it is back to normal for my damaged ends.

i think it works for NORMAL hair and good for dry conditions like air con or beach holiday.
for damaged ends like mine, i would suggest leave on essence.

[Review] Eversoft Organic Apricot Deep Action Facial Scrub


Was looking for a cheap scrub and spot this – i rmb its less than SGD$7 for 100g.

as you can tell i’ve used about 2/3 of the tube

Formulated in Japan! made in malaysia
i am looking for something exfoliating with beads and this sounds like it can do the trick.

this is the scrub closeup

the cream is really full of beads, can feel it the moment you spread it. feels quite rough too. i am not sure how the famous St ive’s scrub feels like so i cant compare. but i know not to exfoliate too often as it is bad for pores and and stresses your skin. i only do this about once a week ard my T zone only, since the skin on my face is very thin.

i also use this on my back, arms and body when i shower. i love the refreshing smell!
body certainly feels clearer and fairer after use.

as for my face, it helps to remove the rough feeling ard my nose and clear up the very large pores on my T zone. i rub very gently in hope not to enlarge them further.

not bad i would say, really value for money!!
i’ve bought the st ive’s one at a sale recently. will use that once this is done 🙂

[LOTD] Maxi dress


on the same day as Marie’s LOTD in the previous post, i did a LOTD as well.

Photo taken near Robertson Quay in Singapore.

Turqoise Maxi Dress from Megagamie

Cream shoulder leather bag from Charles and Keith, marie’s bday pressie to me <3!

Cream pumps from Love Bonito

I dont have many maxi stuff as i am usually in shorts/tee. however i think this is perfect for a casual weekend. unfortunately its quite big for me.

loving the lace details

make up that day

[LOTD] – Girly Charms


Went out for a BFF date with Fen last Saturday for tea and dinner and since it’s been eons since I last updated, why not make this a LOTD entry?

White lace dress – Some online shop which I really can’t remember

Diamante drop earrings and Black feather brooch – H&M

Black tights – New Look

Bronze lace pumps – DMK

White Epi Leather Bag – Louis Vuitton (birthday present from the hubs last year)

Watch – Skagen

Love the back detail of the dress, with the exposed zip and the scoop back.

It’s not my usual look to go for such a saccharine sweet image. To make it more “me”, the brooch was a definite shoo-in to create interesting details to an otherwise sweet-but-bland outfit.

My Skagen watch is absolutely a god-send. I love how it matches with all my outfits effortlessly, without being too obvious.

[Review] BIJISENMON leg mask


Check out one of the latest products exclusive to Guardian – the BIJISENMON wrap masks.

available for arms, tummy, face, and legs, these masks uses some secret recipe from Japan and claims to help burn fat around troubled areas.

This is a Hong Kong product.

sometimes i wonder why is it a secret recipe when the ingredients are always listed. same for all the other products out there.

i bought my first box which contains 3 masks. i paid about SGD 39.
there are 3 individually packed masks packets, and 1 packet containing the paper outer layer wrap to be wrapped on top of the mask sheet.

the mask is really soaking is serum – giving it a slight yellowish hue.

its a large rectangluar sheet, remind me of those cloth diaper size. so i wrapped it ard my thighs, and followed by the paper sheet. the paper sheet has one side taped with double sided tape so that u can fasten it and the cloth masks wont slip.

about 15-20 min, u can feel a hot sensation on your skin. and its getting really hot! its bearable but i will remove the masks and rinse the serum off and towel dry.

i have used my 9th sheet. and my thigh size is the same… so i would say it doesnt work – not for me anyway.

[LOTD] Breezy Cottons


Walking Chivas before heading out for dinner. THe sun was setting so light ain’t very good.

20120811-211902.jpg blouse, Charlotte Russe shorts, Steve Madden flats, bracelet, Zara trf bag


A champion breed, this lil shetland sheepdog. Actually he isn’t very little and is larger than the average sheltie…hmmm