[LOTD] Comfy Corporate – Crimson Cardigan & Mosaic Jersey


Hey everyone! How’s your week going?
I was talking to Fen that we should post more LOTD post so we met up for lunch during a weekday earlier last month (yes, this is a delayed post). So while it’s way easier to do casual looks, I’ll have to say most of my wardrobe consist of work wear. They may not be strictly for work, but 90% of them can be styled into something that looks (semi) professional. While I’m not around in the office much, being a front-line staff means having to look put together. No need for formal blazer suits or crisp tailored shirts, just something that looks presentable in this heat/rain. And since I work 5 our of 7 days, it simply makes sense to have proportionately more work wear than casual togs.

Mango cardigan, Ann Taylor cotton jersey dress, Tangs Studio pointy heels, Triselle.com necklace

I’m trying to incorporate more accessories into my outfits and I look for statement pieces like this twisted rope necklace.

Trying out twisting my hair for this half up-do. Took off my cardigan cos it was freaking hot and I was sweating bullets under the 1pm sun. I had the opportunity to pick up a number of Ann Taylor items during my last trip to the US and this dress has gotten a number of wears in recent months. The cotton jersey blend provides just enough stretch without being too clingy and yet flatters the curves nicely. There’s a concealed back zip and a slit at the back for easier leg movements. The cinch detail at the front side also aids to conceal any post-meal yummy and gives the waist some definition. I think this is a 00P (the smallest of the petites range) and I’m contemplating if I should take the hemline up an inch or so.

Standing at just under 5 ft, I could use a boost from my footwear. There was a period that I would wear nothing less than 4″ at work but sensible heels are the way to go when you walk/stand as much as I do during a typical work day. So I caved and comfort emerged victorious over my vanity. N yes, another neutral footwear here. This taupe colour is easy to match and gives the illusion  of longer, leaner legs. Yay!


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