[LOTD] 2 Colour Shirtdress


Dresses are the easiest and fastest way to dress for work.

for me, i don’t have to worry about matching top/bottom, maybe only shoes which is easy as all my shoes are in plain generic colours for work

Here’s one of my favourite dress for work

PREPPY 60’S DRESS from Megagamie SGD$31
Shoes: Navy blue pointed patent flats from Mitju
Camel colour Belt: free with purchase of the dress

I absolutely love the quality of the dress, it is made of very thick comfy material (khaki part), and it is fully lined with smooth soft fabric.

The navy blue sleeves is actually chiffon like material which makes it more attractive cos its very soft. the cut and workmanship is awesome, which really flatters one’s figure. the chiffon is also thick and good quality

the collar adds a touch of formality for work. however, i feel the hemline is too short for work

it comes in many colour combinations and i thought khaki and blue is a unique combination

love the fake buttons too…

i paired it with a leopard print skin watch from ASOS. although the sleeves are made of chiffon, it is not too sheer.

hope you like this look as well 🙂


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