[Review] Cathy Doll – Sweet Dream Water Splash essence with L-glutathione


in thailand convenience shops, products of sample sizes are for sale which is GREAT for travellers, especially when you just want to buy smthg for 1 time use.

i bought the below at 7 eleven which is smthg i’ve never seen or heard before.
From my observation, thais like to be fair and whitening products are lining up all drugstores.

if you read the below steps 1,2,3 – this is an essence that can perform INSTANT whitening!!!

and its simple ingredients is good for me.
parabens free +points

it is a whitish cream which is v light and non greasy

rubbing it… can tell its spreads out fast and start to be absorbed

and it become water!! can u see water droplets near my knuckles

rubbing until no more cream and absorbed. (this is my left hand btw)


the difference is SO noticable!!

am going to show you after doing on half my face too.

im superly impressed. because it gives a very natural fair effect. it also seems to lighten my blemishes that i am confident of leaving the hotel with zero make up.

i wish i have bought more to try – only have 1 more packet left.
are you thinking if this is permanent? and unfortunately it is not. skin is back to normal now, but i feel with prolonged use maybe it will really be absorbed and skin with be lighter.

It is not sold in SG nor Gmarket from a quick search. Gmarket has however, the BB cream version. You may wish to contact the seller to see if they can offer the essence too.

[LATEST UPDATE] Cathydoll is in SINGAPORE!! check it out at http://cathydoll.com.sg/
Price: SGD18 for a full size bottle (100ml i think)


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  1. Even I have the same experience I purchased in Thailand and wanted to purchase more now please help me in getting this one through online. Its’s amazing and you get instant result after you apply.

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