Watsons Vanity Trove


When i learnt that Watsons is giving a free box of vanity trove with min $60 spent for members, $80 for non members, i made an effort to go down to Watsons after work. i do have many things to buy in mind.

and i spent $195 in the end. wtf. could have seperated my purchase to get more boxes right? haha

i cant wait to open!

it has a booklet and inside faeturing alot of products which i thot this booklet is part of their advertising for other products.


i realised all the products in the box are all from the booklet!

boxes full of samples.

wait a minute… i thought i would be getting the latest Vanity Trove for the month of july. how did it turn out to be just samples of many pdts packed in the vanity trove packaging?

most of these are for 1 time use and for me i cant judge a pdt properly from 1 time

maybe i didnt read the promotion properly.

but nonetheless im happy cos alot of these products are new to me and i’ve been wanting to try.

the most exciting one for me is the DHC skin care, famous for their olive based pdts.
consist of mild cleansing oil, bar soap, mild lotion and olive oil.

so i counted – there are 20 products altogether.

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