[Review] BIJISENMON leg mask


Check out one of the latest products exclusive to Guardian – the BIJISENMON wrap masks.

available for arms, tummy, face, and legs, these masks uses some secret recipe from Japan and claims to help burn fat around troubled areas.

This is a Hong Kong product.

sometimes i wonder why is it a secret recipe when the ingredients are always listed. same for all the other products out there.

i bought my first box which contains 3 masks. i paid about SGD 39.
there are 3 individually packed masks packets, and 1 packet containing the paper outer layer wrap to be wrapped on top of the mask sheet.

the mask is really soaking is serum – giving it a slight yellowish hue.

its a large rectangluar sheet, remind me of those cloth diaper size. so i wrapped it ard my thighs, and followed by the paper sheet. the paper sheet has one side taped with double sided tape so that u can fasten it and the cloth masks wont slip.

about 15-20 min, u can feel a hot sensation on your skin. and its getting really hot! its bearable but i will remove the masks and rinse the serum off and towel dry.

i have used my 9th sheet. and my thigh size is the same… so i would say it doesnt work – not for me anyway.

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