[Review] Lucidol-L Hair Treatment Water


Contains 2 types of hyaluronic acid.
Quickly moisturizes to straigtened dry or bed had hair

I got this small spray bottle from Guardian during their 50% off. i cant remember how much i paid..

the lower part of my hair is dry and damaged from all the works done over the last 2 years. So i am growing it out now and just got a trim to cut some of it away.

I bought this hoping to moisturize my hair in office or whenever on the go.


the darker part is fine, the coloured part is not.


the ends:

It is still dry and only slightly better i would say. after a few hours it is back to normal for my damaged ends.

i think it works for NORMAL hair and good for dry conditions like air con or beach holiday.
for damaged ends like mine, i would suggest leave on essence.

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