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[Review] Dior Diorshow Iconic Extreme Mascara


This is by far my favorite all-time mascara. I have never been this faithful to any particular mascara before but once I tried this, I fell in love and have never looked back since.

Iconic Extreme is an addition to the already popular range of Dior’s Iconic mascara range. Let’s jump straight to why I love this mascara.


  • Comes off easily with lukewarm water
  • No more tugging on lashes to remove mascara which means no/lesser lash fall


  • Important when you have oily lids

Lengthening & separating power

  • The wand is like a comb and lashes are easily separated while lengthening

Smooth consistency

  • It never clumps, even after 3 coats
  • Or after 4 mths of usage when I’m done with it

Curling & staying power

  • My lashes get curled and stays up
  • I have not used my eye lash curler in years
  • Looks exactly the same even after 8 hours

Before vs. After

This is after ONE coat of mascara. Enough said.

[Review] LANCOME Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal brightness activating essence


Received a sample size of this 5ml essence from Bellabox previously.

Latest scientific discovery by Lancome
from skin dermis emanates true natural light.

To recreate from skin deep layers an ideal of a luminous and translucent skin,
Lancome conceives the Dermactyl complex.
Empowered with a new whitening QD active designed to awake a “luminous” dermis, it favors the production of new brighter collagen fibers and the regulation of melanin production in order to free skin of spots and darkness.

look at the extensive ingredients!

as this is ‘essence’, 5ml can bring me a loooong way. i used only 3 drops of this pdt each time, and its been a few weeks but im still not done!

how i wish skincare are sold in smaller sizes, it is more appealing to consumers like myself whom dont want to commit to big sizes as they can take years or never to finish.

the colourless essence has a slight fragrance.

consistency is thick and vicous.

according to the instructions inside, i am suppose to use the massage techniques to apply this.

so, i have decided to do smthg which i would never have usually. applying only to the right side of my face ONLY until i finish this.

Why? i am tired from not seeing visible results in all these pdts, maybe there is improvements but it will be really noticable if it works only on 1 side right?

i have been using for about 3 weeks, day and night, sometimes i skip day or night but at least once a day.

here’s a photo today after applying this on right side again.

i do see that it reflects more light due to the liquid essence, but generally i dont find that side of my face more transparent or luminous that the other.

do i have to wait longer? i am starting to think it doesnt work for me. maybe my skin is already very clear (LOL)??

Retail Price: S$ 175.00 (30ml)

[Review] Mud Rang Cleansing Foam – Clay


Received this many months back in my Glamabox (which i have unsubscribed).

Have you heard of this brand? i have never seem or heard it, so have no expectations at all.

the words behind are all in korean so i didnt take any photo


Boryeong Mud which has been collected around Daecheon beach, is well known to have an excellent effect on a skin contraction and anti-aging, keeps the skin vitalized and elastic to look young and fresh, because it includeds good elements for the human body such as Minerals, Gemanium and Bentonite.

Boryeong mud produces a large amount of far-infrared rays (FIR), a form of light invisible to the naked eye – which ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood. The effects of FIR are improved oxygen levels in our bodies, the removal of toxins and fats from our bloodstream and elimination of waste, and improvement of nervous functions.

I have tried, solid, powder, gel, foam cleansers and gel cleansers works best for my skin. i dont like foam cleansers normally as i feel they strip out my skin moisture and always leave behind a residue feeling so i dont use them

anyway, i gave this away, and when i need to wash my face that day, i had to use it.

I really love it!! so i decided to review it

you can see the colour is slight dirty sandy colour from the ‘clay’ and natural mud.

to my surprise – this foams more easily than i thought! i can spread this easily and massage this over for about 30 sec

(there should be more foam than this)

during rinsing, i can really feel that there is no residue and it really washes off everything.

upon drying – face feels really clean and soft too – no tightness from stripping moisture!!

i love cleansers that cleans well. i dont buy the idea of those ‘added function’ cleansers, like those in the whitening series, or anti aging series, or hydrating series.

to me, a cleanser shd just ensure nothing is left on the face. then the face is ready to absorb anything after that right. anything extra shd come after that.

Sold on Glamashop SGD28.43 for 150ml
i found the Facebook page for it which is for Malaysia 150ml for RM120


[Review] Avene Cleanance Anti-shine regulation lotion


i received a sample of this eons ago from the sales assistant at a drugstore.
she recommended it to me as i told her about my monthly breakouts and she said this can help to regulate the sebum on my face during the time.

the ingredients:

this lotion texture is not too thick, and semi translucent

blends easily too

i have been applying this to my T zone only for about 2 weeks.
that is the oilest part of my face and i usually blott my face about 12 hours later in the evening to see the almost the whole paper in oil

after applying on T zone

i love how matt my skin is after application
and it does not feel like its clogging my pores

i can still apply my regular make up after.

my T zone is definitely matt for the next few hours.
i get so engrossed and busy at work that i always forget to feel my T zone or blott during lunch.

by the end of the workday, my face is oily again, even on T zone.
so this only keep the sebum at bay for a few hours, but not the entire day.

[Review] Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Milk


Bought this at Watsons last month.

2 bottles for $11.90 if im not wrong. A friend of mine wanted to get it as she used it before saying its not bad so i shared with her to try.

it contains parabens and castor oil =X

i’ve used it for about 2 weeks and i’m not sure if i should use it as a make up remover or cleanser. but i am going to review it for both functions anyway.


as usual i applied more than my usual day make up on the back of my hand.
concealer, eyeliner, mascara etc
it is more like a cream than milk, and fragrance is strong which i dont like it.

after rubbing for 20 seconds i feel like the make up is not coming off, so i added more milk and rub again

After rinsing…

Verdict: does not remove makeup.


i’ve used this as a cleanser in the mornings,
or after removing make up,
and even as a 2nd cleanser after washing my face once.

If i use this in the morning with some oil on my face, this cleanser cannot get rid of the oil.
i can feel a film of something on my face.
and my skin cant seem to breathe at all.

after drying it is better like nothing is there but just to play safe,
i will wash again with my regular cleanser

However, this effect is less apparent if i washed my face with my regular cleanser, followed by the Nivea Cleansing milk.
i guess my regular cleanser removed the oil on my face already.

so to illustrate what i was saying:
i washed my makeup free left hand with the Nivea cleansing milk
i washed my right hand with the Avene Soapless Foaming Gel (my regular cleanser)

You can see that after rinsing, the water on my left hand will streak together.
but the water on the right hand is evenly distributed

so i think, there is really something left behind after washing with NIVEA.
after cleansing, the next steps are the nourishing part like toner, serums etc which i want them to be evenly absorbed and not blocked by anything.

i am sorry, i cannot recommend this for those with combi – oily skin.

it worked for my friend, whom has dry – normal skin.

[LOTD] All About Aztec


In the third and final installation of the weekend brunch series, I am featuring the hottest blogshop trend in SG – Aztec prints!

Aztec Skater frock, $24 – theclosetlover
Dusty Pink shoes with lace – $10+ from Taiwan
Brown leather bag with golden clasp, price ~$40 – Charles and Keith

closeup of the shoes

this is my first skater and aztec dress and i must say i super love it!
its so comfy and versatile for anything for weekend.

quality is great and love the golden zip detail in the front.

i would definitely wear this with a blazer for a semi casual Friday workday ๐Ÿ™‚
made of jersey cotton, this dress does not have lining so i wore a petticoat dress underneath

wearing my NYX blusher that day. one of the most pigmented blushers i’ve ever used!

if only every weekend is this fun ๐Ÿ™‚

[LOTD] – Colour Pop


Went out with my fellow contributors for brunch at the ever beautiful Prive.

All of us tried to dress up differently to reflect our individual interpretation of Weekend Brunch Date. Syd adopted a Pocahontas-inspired outfit while I made an attempt to inject colour into my outfit.


White linen romper, gift
Denim vest, Esprit
Owl necklace, Forever 21
Turquoise earrings, Bangkok
Floral tote, Longchamp
Nike high cut sneakers, HK
Purple watch, G-shock

Details of my outfit. I also used Turquoise for my eye make-up (Marjolica Marjoca) to bring out my earrings and shoes.


Overall, it was a really fun look to create, oh-so-different from my usual work ensemble. Quoting from Covergirl, it’s really easy breezy.

[Review] L’Oreal Youth Code pre-essence


one of the items in last month’s Bellabox – the hyped up L’Oreal Youth code pre-essence!

i am quite excited to try this cos i’ve seen the ads everywhere, prints, internet, youtube. was thinking if its really so good… increase absorption of skin X2!

this is meant to be used on cleansed face before the usual skincare routine. I was apprehensive at first as i really dont get these multi steps routine, and i think its just a marketing gimmick to add another ‘staple’ into the routine


100,000 women tried it and saw instant results

the essence is off-white in colour of thick consistency, more runny than your usual serums

And true enough, I must be the 100,001 person whom saw instant results.
the skin really becomes softer immediately. however, i am not sure if softer skin = better for absorption of products.

applying to only the right side of my face (LEFT SIDE OF THE PHOTO)

i have tried this for about a week. i am happy to use it as my skin really becomes significantly softer each time i applied, with no sticky feeling.
If this is to increase the effectiveness of my skincare, i think its hard to judge as i seldom see visible difference and i always believe skincare is part of a long process to keep up and maintain.

i would recommend this to others, considering it is affordable and it works to keep skin soft and prep for the next steps of nutrients

[Review] Eden Spa – Hydra Infusion Facial


Eden Spa is a place that uses ONLY Clarins products. THis is one of the reasons that prompted me to try their services out, knowing that their products are already good.

Indulge in best-selling facials that feature award-winning products combined with Eden Spaโ€™s signature 22-step Facial Massage โ€“ a fusion of acupoint, lymphatic drainage and lifting techniques, that is sure to delight your senses.

Hydra-Infusion Facial (60mins)
A refreshing facial that restores ideal moisture balance to dehydrated skin, leaving skin soft, fresh, and radiant. A โ€œmust-haveโ€ after a long flight or sun exposure.

During this 60min, Lindsy, my therapist does not leave the room. Meaning, during the steaming, she will be there doing a gentle scrub on my face. And during the mask time, she will be massaging my shoulders n kneading those knots away. For my first session, she explains each step and what product she’s using. And later after everything and in the lounge area, she showed me a visual chart of products that she used during my treatment. She’s great and extraction was clean and totally painless. After doing extraction on one part, she will swipe that area with camomile lotion, to immediate calm the skin. It works, cos I leave the place with my face looking normal and zero redness. This is a boutique spa and after a few visits, I give them a thumbs up on service first and there was no hard selling. No mini consultation rooms but jus a spacious lounge area where you can relax with some hot tea. I was also given some product samples to try back home ๐Ÿ™‚

I believe first time trial is SGD 98. Packages start from $960 for 7 sessions + 2 eye treatments.

31 Purvis Street Singapore 188608
(Next Lane to Raffles Hotel at Seah Street)

Tel: 6333 9953


Operating Hours | Open Daily
Mon – Fri: 10.30am to 8.30pm
Sat – Sun & PH: 10am to 8pm