[Review] LOVEMORE Wine Yeast Whitening Mask Sheet


another mask from the beloved land of Masks – Taiwan!

Chanced upon this at Watsons the other day, and it looks really interesting so bought 1 to try. cost a galloping $3.90!! double or triple most of my other sheet masks.

i guess what made me buy is the ‘wine yeast’ formula and the story about the ‘youthful hands of sake brewery women’. like SK2 but cheaper!! haha.

even comes with hologram sticker for authenticity man!

the ingredients looks ok, no parabens. im surprised that the 1st ingredient is NOT water but butylene glycol. in fact water is almost at the back of the list, meaning the quantity is one of the least.
by the way i heard that butylene glycol is not that good for skin too, as it is one of the stuff added into petrol? but so far, i haven seen anything without both butelyne glycol nor parabens.

As for the mask sheet, it comes stuck between a plastic white and blue film.

i am unable to take photo while putting on mask so no picture of the mask itself.
BUT i really want to say that the mask sheet is really unlike anything i’ve seen!!!! its incredibily soft, thin and comfortable! its so thin that i have a really hard time putting on my face and spreading it.

but once it is spread nicely, every part of your skin is adhering to the mask and its like a 2nd skin. I SHOW YOU.

this can knock off my fave Neutrogena in terms of mask sheet.

My thoughts: after 20 min, the essence leaves the skin really soft. skin is slightly sticky on my cheeks and chin area, but not so much for my forehead. i dont foresee visible results but with prolonged use i am rather confident this will work 🙂

i just bought 2 more of these online as well – www.secretive.sg ($2.90 each, cheaper!)

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