[Review] Avene Cleanance Anti-shine regulation lotion


i received a sample of this eons ago from the sales assistant at a drugstore.
she recommended it to me as i told her about my monthly breakouts and she said this can help to regulate the sebum on my face during the time.

the ingredients:

this lotion texture is not too thick, and semi translucent

blends easily too

i have been applying this to my T zone only for about 2 weeks.
that is the oilest part of my face and i usually blott my face about 12 hours later in the evening to see the almost the whole paper in oil

after applying on T zone

i love how matt my skin is after application
and it does not feel like its clogging my pores

i can still apply my regular make up after.

my T zone is definitely matt for the next few hours.
i get so engrossed and busy at work that i always forget to feel my T zone or blott during lunch.

by the end of the workday, my face is oily again, even on T zone.
so this only keep the sebum at bay for a few hours, but not the entire day.

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