[Review] Dior Diorshow Iconic Extreme Mascara


This is by far my favorite all-time mascara. I have never been this faithful to any particular mascara before but once I tried this, I fell in love and have never looked back since.

Iconic Extreme is an addition to the already popular range of Dior’s Iconic mascara range. Let’s jump straight to why I love this mascara.


  • Comes off easily with lukewarm water
  • No more tugging on lashes to remove mascara which means no/lesser lash fall


  • Important when you have oily lids

Lengthening & separating power

  • The wand is like a comb and lashes are easily separated while lengthening

Smooth consistency

  • It never clumps, even after 3 coats
  • Or after 4 mths of usage when I’m done with it

Curling & staying power

  • My lashes get curled and stays up
  • I have not used my eye lash curler in years
  • Looks exactly the same even after 8 hours

Before vs. After

This is after ONE coat of mascara. Enough said.

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