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[LOTD] – Life in Mono


Dressing monochromatic need not be boring.

Lately, I am rather inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Cheesie and her EMODA outfits. Of course, I cannot pull off this look. I still have a day job which frowns upon too much adventure in personal style.



Instead, I decided to take the essence of EMODA (at least what I interpreted it to be) and make it work-friendly. Thus, the choice of colours was meant to be monochromatic but textured and layered to add some interesting accents to the outfit.

I do apologise for the poor lighting – I was unable to join my fellow contributors earlier and thus had to be contented with the indoor lighting of the cafe we had dinner at.

Chanel-inspired Pussybow Top: Fairebelle (

Floral monochromatic Jeggings: Bugis Street (such a steal at $20!)

Gold-capped black patent ballerina flats: Zalora Sg

(I was in kickass Pazzion heels but I couldn’t bear to wear them out as the diamantes were slowly but surely dropping!)

Gold and white watch: A/X


A closer look at the pussy-bow detail. Love how the drapes of the top hid the terribly chunky arms of mine.



I have a weakness for pairing chunky watches with delicate outfits.

Looking forward to my Europe honeymoon as I am furiously planning all my outfits for my Winter Wonderland retreat.

My “half-face” Test – MISSHA vs L’OREAL


although i experiment with alot of skincare products,
i usually dont see the visible results as apparent as others.
i dont know why, but i tell myself it is part of a long term benefit.
like drinking ample water every day…

so i started putting stuff on half my face,
as you might have seen in my Lancome Brightening Essence post

this time, i am try the L’OREAL White Laser Anti-spot brightening essence
to the RIGHT side of my face

on my left side, i use the MISSHA TIME REVOLUTION WHITE CURE REAL EXPERT SERUM (omg i feel out of breath typing it)

After abuot 4 – 6 weeks…


i am surprised at the disparity, and slightly worried as i need to start pampering my right side now.
so now i am putting the MISSHA serum on my right twice a day, the left – once.

BUT i must say that, the l’oreal anti spot essence did lighten the pigmentation on my right cheek, but MISSHA one doesnt lighten the pigmentation on my left.

i cant wait to get my hands on more korean skincare in December in Korea!

[LOTD] Jeans Friday!


I love it that my workplace practise Jeans Friday!

Fashion trends come and go, but jeans are here to stay!

Top: H&M
Jeans: Uniqlo
Shoes: Mitju
Bag: Mango

i normally pair my jeans with a dressy top and pumps for work.

i really like the ruffles petals details of this top and it adds so much texture to the outfit

This pair of heels are really comfy, and the height is just nice for me, as i dont like to wear high heels. 2 inch MAX.

it also goes with most of my clothes with this easy colour.

[Review] ETUDE HOUSE I Need You, Pearl Extract Mask Sheet


my friend gave us some Etude House mask sheet after coming back from korea. I love receiving masks!!

this is my first Etude House mask sheet.

im glad it does not contain parabens, and contains hydrolysed collegen.

there’s nothing special about the mask sheet but it fits perfectly on my face. 🙂

i removed it after 30 min and pat the rest of the essence into my skin.
and i stayed up for another hour before gg to bed. by then, my face is already sticky and greasy but i still went to bed anyway…

the next day my face is still layered with that sticky greasy film, and i think it clogged my pores. cos my existing pimples became worse.

here’s a photo with my camera ‘smooth skin’ effect.

I think its a decent mask and wouldnt mind buying again if its cheap!

[Review] Watson’s Bird’s Nest Whitening and FIrming facial cream


This sample sachet is one of the items in Watson’s Vanity Trove a few months back

I have used Watsons bird’s nest masks several times and am happy with it. it is really quite popular so they came up with a range of bird’s nest skincare line.

for this facial cream, it acts like a moisturizer containing jojoba seed oil, shea butter oil, olive oil, vitamin C and E.

the cream is yellowish and really thick and heavy.

you can smell the olive oil as well.

i dont really like the feel as it is really greasy in my humble opinion, too much good oil?

anyways, i used this today morning on my entire face. my face feels so oily!

i was expecting the oil to be absorbed like the other facial creams that i have tried.

but my face is still greasy.

only applying on my right hand…

after 45 min my hand still looks like this!

i feel, this is not suitable for combination oily skin in singapore’s climate.

it should be fine for drier climates.

[Review] LOVEMORE Red Magic White Power Lifting Mask


this is a face and neck mask, with 5cm more depth for the entire neck

Ingredients: (contains paraben)

the texture of the mask is really interesting, its like quilted! made of fabric like material, which i love. i prefer fabric to paper

this is how deep the mask can go!!

after 20 min…

not bad! i feel my skin has more clarity and luminous

the diamond powder also made my skin ‘glow’

i pat the rest of the essence in and about 5 min later,

there is no sticky afterfeel.

skin is soft and moisturized.

i cant wait to buy more LOVEMORE masks!

[LOTD] 50 Shades of Corporate Grey – Checks Peplum


Hi everyone! I think there are many of you reading the 50 Shades of Grey series and this outfit is inspired by that.

This checks pencil dress is perfect for the corporate world of black, white and grey. The peplum highlights femininity while the leather accents at the shoulders and collar hints at sadomasochism. Well, this outfit wouldn’t be completed with this pair of sleek suede pointed stilettos with metallic killer heels.

Warehouse checks peplum dress, Aldo heels

And I’m off to get relax with some after work drinks. ciao~