[LOTD] – Life in Mono


Dressing monochromatic need not be boring.

Lately, I am rather inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Cheesie and her EMODA outfits. Of course, I cannot pull off this look. I still have a day job which frowns upon too much adventure in personal style.



Instead, I decided to take the essence of EMODA (at least what I interpreted it to be) and make it work-friendly. Thus, the choice of colours was meant to be monochromatic but textured and layered to add some interesting accents to the outfit.

I do apologise for the poor lighting – I was unable to join my fellow contributors earlier and thus had to be contented with the indoor lighting of the cafe we had dinner at.

Chanel-inspired Pussybow Top: Fairebelle (www.fairebelle.livejournal.com)

Floral monochromatic Jeggings: Bugis Street (such a steal at $20!)

Gold-capped black patent ballerina flats: Zalora Sg

(I was in kickass Pazzion heels but I couldn’t bear to wear them out as the diamantes were slowly but surely dropping!)

Gold and white watch: A/X


A closer look at the pussy-bow detail. Love how the drapes of the top hid the terribly chunky arms of mine.



I have a weakness for pairing chunky watches with delicate outfits.

Looking forward to my Europe honeymoon as I am furiously planning all my outfits for my Winter Wonderland retreat.


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