[Review] The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Charcoal Nose Strip


i ordered this from Gmarket (Qoo10) at about $2++

feel cheated cos i thought it is a box, but it is only 1 strip…

i prefer black nose strips as i can see the sebum better upon taking out.

after taking out…

i think it does a decent job in taking out the sebum.

my nose is super large pored and full of blackheads… i really dont like this part of my skin.

so i try to use strip about once every 2-3 weeks when it is really clogged.

my nose is much cleared up after using this strip, which is good.

i usually follow up by using the Avene spring water to calm the skin down and remove the excessive black sticky stuff left on my skin.

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  2. I just used these same strips today too and while they did take out some sebum, I was looking for them to take out the black spots that still stood out on my nose. 😦 I’m beginning to think they are facial hair because I cleanse every day and blackhead strips don’t remove them. I notice that you have some of the same black pores on your nose in your last photo and was wondering if you knew of any way to remove them? It’s very noticeable for me and I get self-conscious about it 😦

    • Hi there! sadly these pore strips cannnot remove the black spots, but can prevent their formation. I have to go to a facial to remove it.

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