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LOTD – Oriental Chic


Was out for tea with my fellow contributors quite some time ago and decided to dress up in a somewhat different manner.

Syd mentioned I was pretty experimental in my sartorial choices and I have to agree. Until I hit the dreaded 30s, I would continue to play around with my fashion styles.

Here’s my look of the day.


Kimono wrap dress – H&M Conscious Collection

Suede caged heels – BATA

Black ceramic watch – Skagen (previously featured)

Floral hair tie – Helen


Was also dressed for my sister-in-law’s 21st birthday party so the outfit served dual purpose. I loved the drapes of the dress, how it is modest yet it exudes a classiness and stands out on its own. It needs minimal accessories and a loose bun serves to make the outfit more polished.


Here’s a cuppa to a new year ahead! Cheers!

[LOTD] Girly Girl – Stripes & Skater


Hey everyone! It’s the holiday season…and in Singapore, it means it’s been raining alot. The slight dipped in temperature had me pulling out my sweater but it’s still not cool enough to warrant a typical fall/winter getup.
P1140871Missypixie stripped sweater, skater skirt, Pazzion peeptoe wedges, Balenciaga bag

P1140874Frankly, I felt weird when I lef the house cos this is not my usual style..Somehow I think it turn out better than I had imagined πŸ™‚




See ya next year!


[LOTD] winter look!


Hello hows everyone?

weather is cold here in korea and hope those living in temperate countries in winter now to stay warn and health.

Im blogging from my iphone so will keep this short and sweet.

Im on vacation and its my first holiday on winter time! Its -10 degree outside and i wore like 3 layers of top and bottoms.

Here is my look today


Coat from ASOS – borrowed
Scarf – ASOS 5 pounds?
Jeans from levis- present from Syd!
Fur cuffs which i used as mittens – ASOS like 2 pounds
Winter socks with pom poms – ASOS 3 pounds?
Ugg boots
Ear muffs- Daiso $2 SGD


In my opinion, 5 degree, 0, -5 or -10 is the same feeling – cold!!

Take care and i cant wait to review the stuff i used and bought here in korea.

[LOTD] Playing with Pastels


for this LOTD i put in more effort in make up, as well as tried my OCC lip tar in Memento which was so raved about.

i love how it made my lips so pink and pretty.

Top: $6 i think from Bangkok
Skirt: TCL Symphony Fishtail Skirt in Pastel Yellow from TheClosetLover
Flats: $7.90 from DMK

i think fishtails are so interesting and pretty. can you see that its pleated as well?
and i love yellow, so was so happy to get this!

hopefully i’ll get the chance to wear it more often.

Truffs – Cafe & Chocolate Atelier


Indulge in some quality chocolate today..for serious choco-holics only!

This jolly season, Truffs brings back its well-received Christmas Log Cake. A splendid variation of the Truffs Chocolate Cake, this uniquely beautiful Christmas feature is perfect for a good gift and to share at dinners. Moist chocolate sponge cake swiss-rolled with luscious chocolate ganache of premium quality, the Log Cake is finished with a shiny dark clean chocolate glaze. It is then decorated with fresh fruits and chocolate thins.


Truly elegant, charming, and delicious.


The Christmas Log Cake weighs approximately 1.4kg and is selling at $85


Beautifully gift-wrapped for your loved ones


Or how about a box of their signature truffles?

These dark chocolate truffles are handcrafted with the finest ingredients using traditional French techniques.
55% Γ©quateur dark chocolate
66% antilles dark chocolate
70% honduras dark chocolate


The clean, simple and classy packaging gets me.


Chocolatier Teng Ei Liang opened Truffs in September 2009 in a shop house along Telok Ayer Street, as part of his passion for chocolate making, and in sharing the art of chocolate appreciation. His journey began at eight when he accompanied his mother to baking classes. In the process, he grew to love baking and found his way to the famed Le Cordon Bleu in London to enhance his skills. And there, he encountered the traditional art of making chocolate truffles. Enthralled by its natural richness, and inspired by the joy they bring, he started Truffs as a mode to let Singapore savor the richest, most sensuous truffles around.

For more information, check them out here at their facebook page

*pictures courtesy of Truffs


Bellabox December – Xmas edition


Bellabox is in the spirit of giving this christmas!!

even their box has a snowflake. i cant wait to open it already…

then i open to see black paper!! so different from the usual pink.. cant wait.



my favourite product (i have not used yet):MEMEME LIP AND CHEEK TINT
i’ve never used this type of tints before and i cant wait.

#2 favourite: Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream intensize Moisturizing hand cream

#3: Marie France Bodyline bodytech intense trim serum
promises to eliminate stubborn cellulite!

#4: Bellabox eyeshadow brush

#5: Cellilux deep sea ecret glacial mineral gel mask

#6: Mememe Nail Polish
im not a nail person but this colour looks nice and easy for me πŸ™‚

#7: Svenson hair corrective serum
looks like some witch potion right.. i am so lazy at caring for my hair so i think i wont use it

Random Acts of Kindness


December is usually a favourite month with most’s the holiday season for many get a break from school and adults clear their annual leave..and a good number will be celebrating christmas and the new year πŸ™‚

In light of certain events, I’ve decided to do my part to do something nice for complete strangers..


Here is my proposed list of ideas…
. Pay the order behind me at a drive through
. Leaving parking coupons on windscreens
. Stick a dollar bill in a children’s book at the library
. Buy a giftcard at starbucks/movies and give it to the person behind me
. Stick some coins on a vending machine at the hospital
. Leave a bag of groceries outside someone’s door
. Buy an extra umbrella to give to someone on a rainy day
. Send anonymous flowers to the office receptionist
. Tape an anonymous joke to a colleague’s monitor
. Compliment a stranger sincerely
. Donate my preloved clothes (in good condition) to charity
. Leave a box of stawberries on a colleague’s desk anonymously

…please lemme know if you have ideas to share, i would love to hear them

pay it forward concept illustrated with white chalk drawing on blackboard

And to spread this, I would include a handwritten note to pass on the kindness by paying it forward


Put a smile on someone’s face today


[Review] Rachel K See the Difference Toner/Lotion


Toner is one of the fastest thing that runs out in the house cos i share them with my family so i get to try alot!

I am always curious about Rachel K skin care, and slight skeptical.

but i read so much about it i must try!
photo (1)


good that it has whitening properties and contains alot of other things i dont know about but sounds good.

this gets my thumbs up for
1) no parabens
2) not alot of ingredients

i prefer to put toner on a cotton pad rather then directly on my palm and face.
photo (2)

what i dont like about this cap.
photo (3)
i think rachel should not have selected this bottle to contain her toner. the toner consistency is like water, maybe thicker like juice?
but each time i press to dispense, it squirts out really fast at high speed.
if not for the cotton pad, i think its actually too forceful and pain?
this type of cap is more suitable for gel or cream type.

anyway.. to the real review.
this def has some apple fragrance, and its rather strong in my opinion, but i can live with it.
it kinda stings my pimples slightly when there is some open wound.
it also leaves a sticky afterfeel which doesnt go away.

im not sure abuot whitening but my skin is still in good condition when using this so i really dont mind getting this again. it keeps my skin moist and fair πŸ™‚

Retails at $24.90 at selected Watsons if im not wrong.

[Review] 2B Alternative Skirt Ready



I hope you are not new to this product. this is pretty famous in Hong Kong and now its in Singapore for some time.
it promises to reduce inches of your legs.


Product description
Achieve slimmer and shapelier hips and legs in as little as 45 days. Caffeine reduces fat deposits in hips and legs, dramatically reducing their wide or bloated appearance. Saw Palmetto, Epilobium Roseum and Cucurbita Seed then inhibit hair growth by shrinking pores to restrain hair growth, resulting in smoother and hair free legs. Regular use leaves legs toned, whiter and hair-free, ready to be flaunted using your shortest skirt.

i do however am abit concerned about the poor grammer haha

looks pretty safe.

here is my strawberry amount. it is off dirty yellowish colour and smells like some herbal plants.

i would massage this amt into my legs from ankle to thighs. but after 3 weeks, i just do from ankle to knees as i figure thats too much fat on my thighs for this to penetrate to the muscles.

this shd be applied twice a day but sometimes i just do it once..

i like how this isnt greasy at all and in fact doesnt leave any feeling on my hands. i dont even really need to wash my hands sometimes.

also, the formula also prevents leg hair from growing apparently and contains hyluronic acid to moisturize the skin.

i started with 34cm around the fattest part of my calves.
after 1 mth of usage

not much diff leh.
so im really not sure this is due to my inconsistency, too much fat in my calves and this seem to be for muscles?

anyway, i went to buy another tube of 2B for Leg. why? because it seems to work for so many ppl i dont beleive it doesnt work for me! i will be more diligent

also, 2B for leg is different from this one. 2B for leg is targetted at the calves while 2B skirt ready is for the entire leg.

Let me know if this works for you.