[Review] 2B Alternative Skirt Ready



I hope you are not new to this product. this is pretty famous in Hong Kong and now its in Singapore for some time.
it promises to reduce inches of your legs.


Product description
Achieve slimmer and shapelier hips and legs in as little as 45 days. Caffeine reduces fat deposits in hips and legs, dramatically reducing their wide or bloated appearance. Saw Palmetto, Epilobium Roseum and Cucurbita Seed then inhibit hair growth by shrinking pores to restrain hair growth, resulting in smoother and hair free legs. Regular use leaves legs toned, whiter and hair-free, ready to be flaunted using your shortest skirt.

i do however am abit concerned about the poor grammer haha

looks pretty safe.

here is my strawberry amount. it is off dirty yellowish colour and smells like some herbal plants.

i would massage this amt into my legs from ankle to thighs. but after 3 weeks, i just do from ankle to knees as i figure thats too much fat on my thighs for this to penetrate to the muscles.

this shd be applied twice a day but sometimes i just do it once..

i like how this isnt greasy at all and in fact doesnt leave any feeling on my hands. i dont even really need to wash my hands sometimes.

also, the formula also prevents leg hair from growing apparently and contains hyluronic acid to moisturize the skin.

i started with 34cm around the fattest part of my calves.
after 1 mth of usage

not much diff leh.
so im really not sure this is due to my inconsistency, too much fat in my calves and this seem to be for muscles?

anyway, i went to buy another tube of 2B for Leg. why? because it seems to work for so many ppl i dont beleive it doesnt work for me! i will be more diligent

also, 2B for leg is different from this one. 2B for leg is targetted at the calves while 2B skirt ready is for the entire leg.

Let me know if this works for you.


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