Random Acts of Kindness


December is usually a favourite month with most people..it’s the holiday season for many people..kids get a break from school and adults clear their annual leave..and a good number will be celebrating christmas and the new year 🙂

In light of certain events, I’ve decided to do my part to do something nice for complete strangers..


Here is my proposed list of ideas…
. Pay the order behind me at a drive through
. Leaving parking coupons on windscreens
. Stick a dollar bill in a children’s book at the library
. Buy a giftcard at starbucks/movies and give it to the person behind me
. Stick some coins on a vending machine at the hospital
. Leave a bag of groceries outside someone’s door
. Buy an extra umbrella to give to someone on a rainy day
. Send anonymous flowers to the office receptionist
. Tape an anonymous joke to a colleague’s monitor
. Compliment a stranger sincerely
. Donate my preloved clothes (in good condition) to charity
. Leave a box of stawberries on a colleague’s desk anonymously

…please lemme know if you have ideas to share, i would love to hear them

pay it forward concept illustrated with white chalk drawing on blackboard

And to spread this, I would include a handwritten note to pass on the kindness by paying it forward


Put a smile on someone’s face today



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