[LOTD] – Easy Breezy Weekender


I always like the Covergirl slogan “Easy breezy, Covergirl” so that was what I was trying to achieve – an outfit that embodies a easy breezy laidback charm.


The look was crafted in mind for a weekend date with the girls or even a casual date with a special someone.


Outfit details:

White tank top, New Look

Grey culottes, Platinum Mall Bangkok

Denim wrap blouse, Primark UK (at 3 pounds, it’s an absolute steal. Best part, I got it more than a year ago)

White canvas purse, Fendi

Silver ballerina flats, Tods


The outfit was oh-so-comfy, a definite sense of relief from my typical work ensemble of shift dresses and heels.


Freedom is when I don’t need to break my ankles from prolonged wearing of heels!


Adorable floral buttons add a sweet, Cath Kidson-ish feel to the light washed denim material. Too pretty to be true.


A closer look at the bag and the shoes.

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  1. Saved to my bookmarks for later on! Cheers for the excellent information (the 1st
    paragraph at least). I would read it now, but I got things to do.

    In truth, I should have simply read it instead of writing
    comments that I wish to read it. At times I’m a little bit of an idiot, haha.

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