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[LOTD] Waterproof Jacket is a must


I was told Jeju is famous for 3 things – women, wind, food.

So i know i had to bring a jacket which is windprood and waterproof during my trip.

Borrowed this brown bomber from a friend, and yes its super windy and rainy.

im so glad i got this cos the even the umbrella cannot protect from the wind and rain from the sides so this keeps my skin dry. my pants are soaked though.. 😦


and when i went hiking (real hiking) i wore this too. cant really see under the poncho


when i finally reached the top, i was so tired and famished!!!

I wore this again when going to a town up north in the gangneung province.

the jacket is really short which i dont like cos when i bend down or raise my arm the chill touches my skin.

so i try to wear with a long knit top

when the chill get out of hand, i will wrap the scarf around my face.


wore the same jacket up to Mount Sorak – one of the coldest place i went that time.

i think it was -10? but with wind it feels like -15

its super duper cold in the high mountains but the scenery is really breathtaking!!
i wore my furry mittens which is really effective in keeping my hands warm!!

unfortunately – the fake fur keeps coming out and i cant do anyting with mittens on except carry my bag. fashion over function 🙂

[Review] Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution


I received this sample version of in one of the Bellabox – this one is the Sensibio version.

I have also tried the Bioderma Sebium H2O before

Perfect thing to bring on traveling cos of the small size and easy to use for lazy and fuss free make up removal


Bioderma is very popular for its mild yet effective make up removal. in fact i use in on lazy days when i just wipe and go to bed. and i was wearing moderate make up.

From the Bioderma site:b1

• Sensibio H2O is an ultra-mild cleansing formula, use it with the utmost care.

Soak a cotton pad with Sensibio H2O and cleanse the face and eyes and/or remove any make-up.

Repeat the application until the cotton pad remains clean.

Sensibio H2O needs no rinsing, but it is essential to dry your skin. Dry gently. Dab your face with a clean cotton towel.

• Sensibio H2O can be used daily, morning and evening.



made in france, and last 12 mth after opening


it normally takes about 3 cotton pads for me to remove all my make up:




i dont put mascara or eyeliner usually so no black stains.

i love this product, its a must have in every lazy girl’s regime.

even if you are not lazy type, you should have this as a normal make up remover too cos its so effective in removing every trace of stubborn make up before you cleanse your face.

[Review] Etude House Eye’s Cream Vanilla Moist


Hello! have not done a product review in a while so here i am!

I started using eye cream from last year onwards as i feel that the skin under my eyes are getting saggy and dull and fine lines (HORRORS of aging)

When i was in Korea, one of the things i must buy is eye cream. im currently using those from the tube so wanted to try another form.

Moisturizing, brightening, anti-wrinkle – just what i need!!

this is more like a eye stick and balm as it come in a white solid form and you have to turn the tube once it finishes.

i think this says you can apply on top, at the sides and under your eyes.

My thoughts:

i really like that the skin ard my eyes feel so cooling when i apply this.
also, the balm is not greasy at all and i feel very happy to apply more than 1 layer when i use it. it doesnt have any scent in my opinion which is good.
i usually apply 2-3 layers depending on the weather and when i touch my skin its in the right state, soft and moist (but yet not overly moist feeling)

i also bring it with me when i travel as it is really compact to carry around and no worries of spillage in the bag.

i have not used this for long term but i do find that its a good pdt to buy.

[LOTD] Puffed up for Winter


The last korea trip in Dec was my first winter experience.

coming from all time Summer Singapore, i knew i CANNOT stand the sub zeros temperature.

Winter wear is expensive here and cannot make it. so i planned to buy a really good coat or jacket there.

So i bought this pink comforter/quilt jacket, which ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!

i can drown it in really. Lets name it PUFFY

its like a pink quilt with zippers sewn on it thats all.

it can block all the strong chill winds and keep me so warm undeneath.

No difference betweem 0, -5, -10, -15 degrees anymore!!

Here’s me with a really bad hairdo at the ski resort.

201212C (137)

I paired this with thermal stockings, which i love cos it has fake fur lined inside the stockings. and its polka dots! ❤

201212C (138)

Close up:

I also use leg warmers from ASOS which i bought for like 3 -4 pounds! i love the pompoms.

they really made a diff to keeping my legs warm

and UGG BOOTS (real one okay haha)

201212C (139)

What i dont like about Winter is that i need to take off my jacket when indoors are warm. I tried to keep it on but it gets really warm after awhile.

I guess its the reverse in Singapore where we put on jackets indoors due to the air con.

here’s what i wore underneath. i love the scarf which was borrowed from a friend

201212C (205)

Another day where i paired PUFFY with winter wine jeans. the jeans also lined with felt to keep my legs warm. but i probably wore 2 more layers underneath cos its like -15

201212C (187)

Blue Hand cuffs from ASOS like 2 pounds? THEY ROCK and keep my hands really warm if i use as gloves

Trout fishing.. i caught nothing.

201212C (189)

Another day with PUFFY when i saw the forecast of -18degrees.

pairing it with turtleneck knit dress from Victoria’s Secret.

Pink Scarf also borrowed from a friend.


Another camho photo of me and PUFFY.


[Review] MISSHA Anti Trouble Patch & Firming Eye Patch


As you may know, i was in Korea in December and i had some huge acnes popping out.
i was quite upset cos i thot the weather would be perfect for better skin,
and it was not the time of the month.

so i bought some stuff hopefully for quick fix and test the effectiveness!

First up,
The MISSHA speedy solution Anti Trouble Patch.

i have no idea what its saying..

it came in 10 stickers of various sizes but defitely large enough to cover your deveploping ache.

i pasted 2. one below my left nostril and one near where my finger is pointing.
not very obvious right the sticker. i think it is designed to be worn out as well.

Does it work?
i wore it to bed and when i woke up i do feel that the pimple did not increase in size.
normally for me it would when it is in the developing stage.
so im rather happy.
but of cos there is still a bump and i waited for it to ripe and yes i squeeze it.
all is good now.

i would say this works to stop the inflamation and prevent swelling 🙂

secondly, to reduce my eye bags, i got this!


i really like the material. its like thick felt fabric material, which is heavier compared to the other eye patches i have tried.
it is cooling and comfortable to my skin as well.

so this is how i look before bed.

Does it work?
i think it does slightly. i think i took out the eye patch about 45 min later and continue sleeping.
the skin under my eye felt firmer and moisturized!

these are rather cheap i cant remember the exact price but i recalled it was about 1500 won maximum (SGD1.70)

[LOTD] Soft Colours and Lace


sorry for the long hiatus!
my desktop crashed and it took me awhile to get it fixed. all is good.. for now 🙂

Pastel colours and shorts are big this season which is perfect for me cos i love wearing both anyways.

for this look im pairing a new pair of white lace shorts and peter pan collared top with a very old pair of Birkenstocks 🙂


TOP: blue peter pan collared top from The Closet Lover – $22
SHORTS: Kate overlay lace shorts from Little Red Heels (now called A for Arcade) – $27.50
BAG: Longchamp pilage in wine – 65 Euros
WATCH: White Swatch Skin from Marie! (price unknown)
BIRKIES: bought many years back

i wonder whats on my mind that made me grin like this. HAHA

i love how the top is long enough not to spill out when i raise my arms. its sheer so wearing a tank top underneath.

the lace details of the shorts and more of the watch.
the shorts are a lil too short for my fat butt, so i tend to pull down regularly to prevent my cheeks from being exposed. =S

as i was having a bad hair day (if you havent already noticed), i used a clip to pin up the untamed fringe.

More posts to come from me, have a great weekend ahead!!

[LOTD] Fly the Magic Carpet


When the wind is blowing a steady breeze, I like to wear certain stuff that looks amazing when the wind flowy skirts or tops and anything chiffon or of light material 🙂

It was only after the pictures were taken did I realise the color palette was rather Princess Jasmine inspired. Since I already have the wind, all i’m lacking is a magic carpet & yes a prince perhaps?

Triselle asymmetrical top, Smooch bandage skirt, Tangs Studio clutch, Guess clutch, Triselle necklace, Accessorize rose ear studs

Since my top is pretty loose fitting, pairing it with smth tight like a bandage skirt seems like a natural choice