[LOTD] Soft Colours and Lace


sorry for the long hiatus!
my desktop crashed and it took me awhile to get it fixed. all is good.. for now 🙂

Pastel colours and shorts are big this season which is perfect for me cos i love wearing both anyways.

for this look im pairing a new pair of white lace shorts and peter pan collared top with a very old pair of Birkenstocks 🙂


TOP: blue peter pan collared top from The Closet Lover – $22
SHORTS: Kate overlay lace shorts from Little Red Heels (now called A for Arcade) – $27.50
BAG: Longchamp pilage in wine – 65 Euros
WATCH: White Swatch Skin from Marie! (price unknown)
BIRKIES: bought many years back

i wonder whats on my mind that made me grin like this. HAHA

i love how the top is long enough not to spill out when i raise my arms. its sheer so wearing a tank top underneath.

the lace details of the shorts and more of the watch.
the shorts are a lil too short for my fat butt, so i tend to pull down regularly to prevent my cheeks from being exposed. =S

as i was having a bad hair day (if you havent already noticed), i used a clip to pin up the untamed fringe.

More posts to come from me, have a great weekend ahead!!


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