[LOTD] Puffed up for Winter


The last korea trip in Dec was my first winter experience.

coming from all time Summer Singapore, i knew i CANNOT stand the sub zeros temperature.

Winter wear is expensive here and cannot make it. so i planned to buy a really good coat or jacket there.

So i bought this pink comforter/quilt jacket, which ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!

i can drown it in really. Lets name it PUFFY

its like a pink quilt with zippers sewn on it thats all.

it can block all the strong chill winds and keep me so warm undeneath.

No difference betweem 0, -5, -10, -15 degrees anymore!!

Here’s me with a really bad hairdo at the ski resort.

201212C (137)

I paired this with thermal stockings, which i love cos it has fake fur lined inside the stockings. and its polka dots! ❤

201212C (138)

Close up:

I also use leg warmers from ASOS which i bought for like 3 -4 pounds! i love the pompoms.

they really made a diff to keeping my legs warm

and UGG BOOTS (real one okay haha)

201212C (139)

What i dont like about Winter is that i need to take off my jacket when indoors are warm. I tried to keep it on but it gets really warm after awhile.

I guess its the reverse in Singapore where we put on jackets indoors due to the air con.

here’s what i wore underneath. i love the scarf which was borrowed from a friend

201212C (205)

Another day where i paired PUFFY with winter wine jeans. the jeans also lined with felt to keep my legs warm. but i probably wore 2 more layers underneath cos its like -15

201212C (187)

Blue Hand cuffs from ASOS like 2 pounds? THEY ROCK and keep my hands really warm if i use as gloves

Trout fishing.. i caught nothing.

201212C (189)

Another day with PUFFY when i saw the forecast of -18degrees.

pairing it with turtleneck knit dress from Victoria’s Secret.

Pink Scarf also borrowed from a friend.


Another camho photo of me and PUFFY.



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