[LOTD] Waterproof Jacket is a must


I was told Jeju is famous for 3 things – women, wind, food.

So i know i had to bring a jacket which is windprood and waterproof during my trip.

Borrowed this brown bomber from a friend, and yes its super windy and rainy.

im so glad i got this cos the even the umbrella cannot protect from the wind and rain from the sides so this keeps my skin dry. my pants are soaked though.. 😦


and when i went hiking (real hiking) i wore this too. cant really see under the poncho


when i finally reached the top, i was so tired and famished!!!

I wore this again when going to a town up north in the gangneung province.

the jacket is really short which i dont like cos when i bend down or raise my arm the chill touches my skin.

so i try to wear with a long knit top

when the chill get out of hand, i will wrap the scarf around my face.


wore the same jacket up to Mount Sorak – one of the coldest place i went that time.

i think it was -10? but with wind it feels like -15

its super duper cold in the high mountains but the scenery is really breathtaking!!
i wore my furry mittens which is really effective in keeping my hands warm!!

unfortunately – the fake fur keeps coming out and i cant do anyting with mittens on except carry my bag. fashion over function 🙂


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