[Review] – 2B Alternative For Face


There are many face shapes and we’ve all read it in magazines; round, heart, square, oval. Still, there is a strong favour for the v-shape face aka heart shaped. So it shouldn’t be surprising to find countless of products and procedures targeted at that desire.

So today, I’ll be reviewing this product from 2B. 2B has plenty of other slimming related products for different target regions. This is for face.



In each box, there’s 2 sets of this and packed within a foam structure to prevent breakage. The bottles are also like ampoules so you have to break it before putting on the clear plastic applicator and cap. Each bottle is 7ml

The texture is super watery and easily absorbed with no smell.

Verdict:This product claims to target BOTH the muscles while also reducing water retention. A box (2 x 7ml) last me approx for 4 weeks and I’m starting my 3rd bottle soon. I didn’t take any before after pics but I can tell my nasolabial folds are visibly less deep after 2 bottles. I used a total of 3 drops, spread it on my palms before applying to my cheeks and chin twice every day. I will continue to repurchase this for awhile. A box cost less than SGD 60 and it’s exclusively available at Guardian stores.

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