LOTD – Tweed is the New Chic Cheap


One of my all time favourite fabrics is tweed. There is something in the richness of the texture that invokes images of all things British and scholarly chic. In fact, I find tweed so classic it is probably an eternal love affair.

When I was in London in December, I pounced on the opportunity to visit my Shrine of Fashion – Primark. I know many critics find Primark too mass-produced or with poor quality clothes. I remember fondly how I bought tons of things from Primark in Northern Ireland and they lasted pretty well.

So today, I am going to feature fashion that can be cheap but look chic. Of course, to achieve the perfect juxtaposition, I had to choose one of Singapore’s most chic landmarks, Singapore Art Museum.



Yellow tweed dress with black faux leather Peter Pan collar, Primark UK

Black ballet flats with butterfly accessory, DMK

Black satchel, Charles and Keith


The shoes are way comfortable and perfect for a day of walking through the galleries featuring Asian artwork. The satchel is roomy enough to put the essentials but for me, it was a struggle to keep myself from packing my usual load of stuff.


It was truly a day when chic met cheap.  Proof that we can all indeed aspire to be a diva on a dime, to quote the Canadian fashion show title that used to air in Singapore.

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  1. Gorgeous dress! The color is beautiful, and the black piping in the back divine. Thanks for sharing!


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