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[Review] Chacott For Professionals


Back in my University days, I could get away with just some tinted sunblock & loose powder. My favorite back then was Chacott. I had a huge tub 170g and a huge powder puff to go with it. I loved it so much I even brought it with me to Paris for exchange. This is hard to come by as it is to my knowledge, only available in Japan. So when Fen had an extra tub, I was more than happy to buy it from her.


Yes, there are different shades and I was skeptical cos I like mine to be translucent and my tub back then was a white powder 753 (no ghostly finish I assure you). What I love about this is that it last! Oil control is superb and I hardle need to blot when I’m using this. The powder is also super fine to give my face that flawless airbrushed look.



So even though it isn’t the 753 that I’m used to. I’m surprise this “colored” powder isn’t all that different as I still have that translucent finish. Oh, the powder puff is sold separately and is different from the usual ones. Do pick it up if you are buying this product but for now I’m using my Sephora Kabuki 43 brush to apply this.

If you ever have the chance to buy this, please do it. Besides it’s very affordable..I think I paid Fen SGD18 for the 30g. The 170g is definitely super worth it, after 2 years I just threw it out cos I was afraid it was going to go bad. Can’t remember how much that cost.

[Review] Sephora PRO Kabuki #43 Brush


I don’t own many makeup brushes cos I don’t believe in buying cheap and often low quality brushes. ANd good quality ones are usually costly. This Kabuki brush would only be my 3rd makeup brush. First two being blusher & blending brushes.

Kabuki brushes became really popular when mineral makeup hit the stores. Their soft, yet dense bristles and tapered brush head, they are ideal for creating a lovely, flawless finish.

I needed a brush for my new loose powder which didn’t come with a puff and thought this kabuki would be perfect for that job.


Sephora has two kabuki brushes. This is no. 43 brush that comes with a zipper pouch for easy storage. This is also the more expensive of the two.

The soft bristles which I can’t tell if it’s natural or synthetic but I believe it is the latter.

Comes with a clear plastic which I reuse to maintain the shape.


Retails SGD49 at Sephora

[Review] Clarins Double Serum (Hydric + Lipidic System) Complete Age Control


After finishing my SK2 Treatment Essence, I wanted to try another essence/serum in between bottles. Yeah, I tend to go back to SK2 cos it’s good but I don’t like the pitera smell or the price. So during my facial at Eden Spa, Lindsy was raving about the NEW Clarins Double Serum and how it is formulated for younger skin.

This serum is powered by 20 pure plant extracts and potent, high-tech molecules, Double Serum’s innovative, dual chamber system combines two age-defying formulas into one groundbreaking serum that reactivates skin’s vital functions. It makes skin firmer, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, produces a more even skintone, and minimizes pores.

Engineered by 27 years of plant science, the NEW Double Serum [Hydric + Lipidic System] combines two powerful age-defying serums into one optimum balance to help fight all aspects of visible ageing. Now you can stay younger. Longer.
The only intensive anti-ageing treatment rich in 20 plant extracts that revitalizes the skin’s 5 vital functions. A unique formula the promises a visibly youthful look: firmer skin, visibly reduced wrinkles, more even complexion and less visible pores.
90% of Asian women agreed that Double Serum is more effective than their regular serums*.

*Test conducted on 50 Asian women.


Key ingredients
Katafray: Comforts and promotes softness.
Kiwi: Makes skin more supple.
Pistachio: Protects.
Organic Musk Rose: Radiates.
Organic Green Banana: Reduces wrinkles, firms, and smooths.


Research results
In a satisfaction test conducted on 197 women:
– 88% reported smoother skin
– 82% reported a more radiant complexion
– 76% reported a refined skin texture
– 73% reported increased tonicity

After four weeks:
– 87% reported smoother skin
– 79% reported reduced wrinkles
– 88% reported a more even skintone
– 88% reported less visible pores

In a satisfaction test conducted on 50 women:
– 90% found Double Serum more effective than their current serum

20130423-151342.jpg 20130423-151348.jpg

You can clearly see the water-soluble (hydric) and oil-soluble (lipidic) parts in a single pump (that is my thigh btw). Even though the instructions called for two pumps, I only use this in the evening with one pump, spreading & warming it in my palms before pressing onto my face. I read some reviews that this serum broke them out so I decided to go easy since I have normal-combination skin and the hot and humid climate in Singapore doesn’t help.

It is easily absorb and smells comforting. I find my skintone has indeed even out more as I have a lesser need for concealer in the morning. There is also a certain radiance in my face these days. So far I’m loving this and already halfway through my first bottle of 30ml. Yes, I got the twin pack for better value.

Retails SGD 118 for 30ml

[Review] Clarins Gommage Exfoliant Peau Neuve – Smoothing Body Scrub For a New Skin with Bamboo Powders


I love Clarins products. Yes, they are considered a splurge and somehow I ended up with this body scrub because my sister decided she didn’t want it (cos of the hefty price tag) after I have already bought it. Hmm, 50 bucks on a body scrub? I could probably find something much lesser, like my favourite Soap & Glory Flake Away (note: the recent tub I bought was of lesser quality somehow, very disappointing)


Exfoliating your skin is an essential step for a beautiful body and with Smoothing Body Scrub For a New Skin, it’s also a genuine skin renewing treatment. Thanks to a dual exfoliating and “conditioning” action, it eliminates a dull appearance and provides skin with all it needs to be beautiful. This is the result of a combination of natural bamboo powders and soothing and protective plant extracts.

To eliminate a dull appearance, Bamboo Powders & Moringa extract
Bamboo powders are microbeads of natural silica obstained from the substance collected from the plant stems. In perfect affinity with the skin, they have a gentle exfoliating action which eliminates dead skin cells and rough skin. The extract of Moringa – a tree from Africa whose seeds are used to purify water – removes accumulated toxins.

To provide it with all it needs to be beautiful, Mimosa Tenuiflora, Liquorice & Shea
Liquorice and Mimosa Tenuiflora, the Mexican “skin tree” recognised for its exceptional repairing benefits, soothe and protect skin against irritation. Shea maintains the balance of the hydrolipidic film and envelops skin in a delicate veil of softness, to ensure comfort for all skin types, even dry & sensitive skin.

To be used once or twice a week, on dry or damp clean skin. Massage in, concentrating on elbows, knees and heels. Rinse well with warm water.

20130423-152004.jpg 20130423-152010.jpg

I squeezed a little out onto my skin and there aren’t any visible exfoliating beads. Upon spreading and closer inspection, you can make out the fine bits. I think they must be the bamboo powders. It is densely packed with these beads, so you’ll get a good scrub leaving you with clean (no oily residue) smooth skin that is soft and bouncy to the touch. It’s somewhat like a micro exfoliant that is strong (irony). And like all clarins products, this smells heavenly.

Bought SGD 47.90 for 200ml @ DFS

[LOTD] The Weekender


how’s your week so far? Its a busy week for me so sorry for the lack of updates.
My weekends usually consists of shorts and a comfy top.
Shorts and top need not be boring and limited to tees and shorts.

Here’s how i try to ‘dress up’ the shorts and top look:
Bijou Wrap cut top from Megagamie – $15
Scallop hem lace shorts from HerVelvetVase – $23
Wedges from Hush Puppies – $80
Glasses from Emporio Armani – $110 (Apparently 60% off!)


The top features a cut out back and sheer material so wearing a tank top underneath is advised.

i love the textured lace on the shorts.

can u see the details of the shorts? makes it looks more exquisite right?
pardon the dark photos as it started to rain heavily when we started.

I lovelove this pair of wedges, they are sooo comfortable and sooo versatile that i think it can go with anything! casual or dressy or work 🙂
it was raining so bad that the leather was soaked… the actual colour is close to the lighter brown.

i feel like getting a second pair for backup!! haha


Hope you like my weekend look!

Have a great week ahead 🙂

[LOTD] Dress to the Max(i) Part II – Monochromatic Prints


Hello everyone! Welcome to Part II of petite friendly maxis.

Black and white graphic prints are all the rage this spring season (whatever happened to pastels?) and this piece is also from Miss Selfridge.


Miss Selfridge maxi, Aldo slippers, Accessorize earrings, Gold clutch from Far East Plaza


P1150310There are two slits on either side of the dress for easy movement. As if the cotton jersey material isn’t comfy enough ;p

P1150304On hindsight, I think a black waisted belt might be good to add somemore waist definition even though it already has an elastic waistband. I think I was going for comfort that day and waisted belts are hardly regarded as comfortable. ha!



[LOTD] Safari Prints


Good Saturday everyone!!

I finally have the chance to show off my new purchases in this LOTD.

Singapore has been really warm and sunny lately and i had lots of fun in the sun shooting outdoor for this outfit.

The sun is really too strong so my eyes are squinting abit LOL


Old Basic cream top from Love Bonito
What i call the ‘Python camo print’ skirt from Pull & Bear.  50% off!! $29.90 after discount
Dark mint bag from Far East Plaza

I get compliments when i put this outfit together.
The fitted top and not fitted skirt covers up my fat and wide hips+thighs.
So it draws attention to my upper body which is still presentable 🙂

the skirt is made of soft silky material and comes with a thin belt, very smooth to touch ❤
im not sure why there’s still so many of this skirt on the sale rack in my size.
the other items on the sale rack are XL or XS or not nice…

dont you just love prints?

i dont think i have ANY printed bottoms so this is a first!

its made of felt like material and colours are not too vivid and not too light.
the heel is really short which is great cos i prefer shorter heels for work for practical reasons.
it comes in other colours such as white if im not wrong.
i’m starting to appreciate leopard prints more now and drawn towards them when im shopping.
this is a sign of aging in my opinion and i may be turned into a cougar one day

Since we’re out in the sun with planted nature around us, Syd and Marie has helped me take more shots! turns out quite chio (pretty) so i’ll post them here 🙂

[LOTD] Dress to the Max(i) Part I – Bohemian Rhapsody


Hello everyone! It’s Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day today!!! 🙂

I’m really petite (just under 5ft), and I love maxi dresses and it’s a challenge to find one that elongates our body and doesn’t look frumpy. They are perfect for weekends where I just want to relax and be comfy without just turning to my tank top and shorts combination. So I was really really happy to find not one but TWO maxis from Miss Selfridge. They are definitely petite friendly and offer free hemming alterations. This is one of them. Perfect outfit to go get that free ice cream 🙂

P1150289Miss Selfridge tube maxi, Havaianas slippers, Acceesorize bag, ASOS gold cuff

It’s 100% breathable cotton and has elastic bands at the top and waist. There is an attached sash where you can tie a bow at the back for added definition. loves!



After I posted the pic of a girl in a side braid on our FB page (like us already if you haven’t), I wanted to try to do a fishtail braid.

Braids have a girly laidback charm and somehow I think it looks better with lighter hair though. Regardless, I think it goes really well with my whole boho look don’t you think? ;p



[Review] SENKA Perfect Gel Make up remover



there are so many types of make up removers… i’ve tried oil, cream, watery, and now… GEL
SENKA has so many types of make up removers and i deliberated for very long as all of them sounds so good and effective.

i did not regret my decision. i have been using this 1st tube for about 2 months and shd share this before its gone!
pardon the old label cos i just used it!

this can be used wet or dry!! i usually use it wet cos i will be in the bathroom washing my face anyways.

for me, make up remover must be able to remove all traces of make up completely.
im not particular about cleaning the grease or skin caring properties cos those will be fulfilled by cleanser and skincare products.

using my hand as guinea pig again..
here’s all my make up applied on my hand and dried up. eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliners, blush, everything!

FYI im using my most waterprood mascara from maybelline MAGNUM. its so resistance that the ONLY way to completely remove it is to use physically wipe off on the eyelash with fingers or cotton pad.

the gel is white and smells nice 🙂 me likes 🙂

sorry for the blur image cos my right hand is obviously covered with gel and cant take properly.
left with eyeliner and mascara

going to rinse with water and rub!!

and after patting it dry… you can still see some eyeliner and mascara.
i’ve decided its really the mascara’s fault. anyway mascara is on eyelash not skin so nvm lah.

another cleanse with my regular cleanser.

i like this make up remover because
1) it does a great job removing my make up
2) affordable $13.90 if i remember correctly
3) can remove everything in 1 step. i hate having to use eye remover than make up remover
4) very impt, does not sting my eye! i hate those that stings when i rubbing my eyeliner
5) cusioning soft feel on my skin when rubbing and massaging
6) skin is not dry after washing off

took the 2 photos a few days back after a regular day at work with make up
see so close to my eyeball and no feeling!
so far the ONLY other make up remover that is this good is the FANCL Mild cleansing oil. that also doesnt sting my eyes.
but that cleaning oil is quite pricey so i am looking for alternatives.

i think this will be my 2nd choice 🙂
only downside is that this has preservatives which i try my best to avoid.

You can find this at selected Watsons stores in Singapore 🙂
they have like 4 types of make up remover! whichever type you prefer or suits you also have!

read QiuQiu’s blog post to find out more ba!! very detailed and chio pictures

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at AM 03.49.14

[LOTD] Denim X Denim Part 2



It has been a long-standing dream to do a denim on denim outfit. It’s incredibly hard to pull off denim apparels in one outfit as it can be a massive overkill.

I decided that in my denim on denim outfit, it needs to fuse different types of denim for the look to work. It feels like what I could possibly wear to college, if I am a college kid now. Of course, that’s a huge if.

Denim over-sized shirt – G Star Raw

Destressed denim with bling embelishments – Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Rubber flats – Zaxy

Grey backpack – Porter (which I borrowed from my hubby)


The bag itself is a statement piece. In fact, this is my husband’s Pièce de résistance (most outstanding, notable, or defining of the collection, Wikipedia). This is from the Porter Duke collection and it was so coveted it flew off the shelves almost immediately being stocked here in Singapore.


It was incredibly comfortable and I had so much fun with this outfit even though it was a huge challenge for me.

And, my favourite part of this photoshoot was our impromptu friendship photo-series.




This series is a reminder how Sweetpots is really more than just a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog. It is how we celebrate our friendships by indulging in what we love best with the people we adore.