[Review] SANA Maiko-han Face Powder


This must be your lucky day cos i’m finally doing a make up review LOL.
I usually dont review make up and i do my make up in a rush every morning in 5 min and no time to take step by step process shots.

But this powder here is so awesome – after my FIRST application i told myself i MUST share this before i use finish!

Introducing… the Maiko-han Face Powder

I ran out of loose powder and was shopping around Watsons and Sasa for one.. i try to avoid parabens but seems like its abit difficult.
I chose this cos of the SMALL size, as i am awaiting another loose powder which my friend has bought for me from Japan. so wanted something to last me for about 3 weeks.

OK this will probably last me 2 months – but its the smallest i can find.

Seriously im sold by sheer words of marketing

“Top Seller” “Absorb sebum” “high temp” “Humid weather” “moisturizing”

im abit sad that there’s parabens though..

Here’s my clean bare back of hand

applying my regular Good Afternoon BB cream from skinfood
after BB cream, skin colour is even out


matt and smooth looking skin! actually the picture still shows alot of my veins and arteries.
but in actual hand my skin looks flawless with some v fine glitter. the glitter is very fine and subtle that you have to look closeup.

here’s another closeup with iphone
flawless right!!

comparing my left with make up and right hand without:

i enjoy using this every morning, cos the powder is very very fine and soft. it comes with a soft puff which makes application a breeze, although i use a kabuki brush most of the time.
there is this very faint fragrance of… talc to it and i love the scent. my make up looks natural and my blusher glides on smoothly.
and yes the very fine glitter gives my face a natural glow.

even the small Palgatong loose powder is not as good as this in my opinion, that one is too cakey for me. when using Palgatong, i usually blott my face at the end of the day after work and the blotter would be almost fully oiled.

With this, i SUPER LOVE how my face stays matte ALL DAY!! i blotted once after 12 hours of make up and there’s hardly any oil! im superly impressed.

❤ this max!!

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  1. Hi there,

    FYI. I went to Sasa store at orchard link b1, but could not find Maikohan face loose power any more. The shop assistant told me that Sasa is no longer sell this product. I am very very disappointment, as after trying so many face powder products, i strongly recommend Maikohan. It really give me a refresh look, eslecially my face clour is a bit too yellowish. Does anyone know where i can buy this product from? Thank you. Can send email to me at gracewan168@hotmail.com

    Best regards

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