[LOTD] Denim X Denim Part 2



It has been a long-standing dream to do a denim on denim outfit. It’s incredibly hard to pull off denim apparels in one outfit as it can be a massive overkill.

I decided that in my denim on denim outfit, it needs to fuse different types of denim for the look to work. It feels like what I could possibly wear to college, if I am a college kid now. Of course, that’s a huge if.

Denim over-sized shirt – G Star Raw

Destressed denim with bling embelishments – Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Rubber flats – Zaxy

Grey backpack – Porter (which I borrowed from my hubby)


The bag itself is a statement piece. In fact, this is my husband’s Pièce de résistance (most outstanding, notable, or defining of the collection, Wikipedia). This is from the Porter Duke collection and it was so coveted it flew off the shelves almost immediately being stocked here in Singapore.


It was incredibly comfortable and I had so much fun with this outfit even though it was a huge challenge for me.

And, my favourite part of this photoshoot was our impromptu friendship photo-series.




This series is a reminder how Sweetpots is really more than just a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog. It is how we celebrate our friendships by indulging in what we love best with the people we adore.


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