[LOTD] Safari Prints


Good Saturday everyone!!

I finally have the chance to show off my new purchases in this LOTD.

Singapore has been really warm and sunny lately and i had lots of fun in the sun shooting outdoor for this outfit.

The sun is really too strong so my eyes are squinting abit LOL


Old Basic cream top from Love Bonito
What i call the ‘Python camo print’ skirt from Pull & Bear.  50% off!! $29.90 after discount
Dark mint bag from Far East Plaza

I get compliments when i put this outfit together.
The fitted top and not fitted skirt covers up my fat and wide hips+thighs.
So it draws attention to my upper body which is still presentable 🙂

the skirt is made of soft silky material and comes with a thin belt, very smooth to touch ❤
im not sure why there’s still so many of this skirt on the sale rack in my size.
the other items on the sale rack are XL or XS or not nice…

dont you just love prints?

i dont think i have ANY printed bottoms so this is a first!

its made of felt like material and colours are not too vivid and not too light.
the heel is really short which is great cos i prefer shorter heels for work for practical reasons.
it comes in other colours such as white if im not wrong.
i’m starting to appreciate leopard prints more now and drawn towards them when im shopping.
this is a sign of aging in my opinion and i may be turned into a cougar one day

Since we’re out in the sun with planted nature around us, Syd and Marie has helped me take more shots! turns out quite chio (pretty) so i’ll post them here 🙂


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