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[Review] Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF40


I owe you guys this review for very long.. Sorry!


Ingredients courtesy of mywomenstuff as i threw the box away. This ingredients is for pink tint so mine should not have colourings


I bought this 30ml sunscreen from Clarins last year after hearing a friend of mine using it and her skin is ultra fair and translucent
I got the neutral shade which is not tinted as i was trying to avoid colourings.

Yes- there are many good raves and reviews about this and Sydney also likes this alot!

Personally for me,
I like the effectiveness of this product and happy with the mineral ingredients. I do believe this “anti pollutants” sunscreen is great for city dwellers and i brought it to beijing, with their infamous air pollution.

However, i find the consistency too greasy for me, like many sunscreens.
Im sure u know what i mean.. Usually sunscreens leave a greasy afterfeel and this is no different
This explains why i skipped applying this for several mths unless im out in e sun. I just apply my BB cream w spf 30 after moisturising.

So i dont get it when ppl rave this leaves a light touch cos it doesnt.

I would prefer it feels like nothing at all.




Anyway i dont think i’ll get this again and am going to try those water sunscreens!! Hehe

[LOTD] Neon Lights | Monochromatic City


A quick post while I am actually having a staycation treat for my husband.

We went out for some yummy fancy Chinese food for his birthday dinner and I took the chance to do some dressing up.


Monochromatic graphic print dress, Bysi

Neon green pumps (which looks fluorescent yellow in the pictures, gosh), Zalora

White bag, Fendi (previously featured)


I love how the print is so funky on its own that the simplicity of the cut stands out. The dress itself speaks volume so I didn’t accessorize much, just a simple silver necklace.


I swear it’s supposed to be neon green but it turns out looking totally different. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to have a chance to wear these funky shoes with the perfect dress. I bought this pair of shoes last year at a steal ($20) on a shopping portal which I have since boycotted. These shoes are so adorable and quite comfortable. I hope the beauty of the shoes would take the attention off my non-pedicured nails (oops)


Overall, I love how my outfit blended. It was not your typical date kinda outfit but I think it was both fashion forward and appropriate at the same time.


On an irrelevant side note, this is a sneak peek at what I bought for my husband (at least one of the items). I adore (pun fully intended) this Agnes b bracelet on my husband. It gives his outfit this unexpected pop and an added dimension to his metrosexual dressing. Now that I look at this picture, it actually looks like it came out of a comic strip!

Will be featuring my staycation in the next post on the Staycation diaries. Took lots of pictures to showcase this really awesome hotel! 🙂

[Review] My Beauty Diary Caviar Mask



This is the mask of the season for me! Caviar mask from the famous My Beauty Diary brand

According to the box, the caviar essence and makes your skin firmer and repairs skin.
It can also tighten pores and hydrates skin
Suitable for tired , dry, damaged, saggy skin.

Sounds powerful ya!

Personally used it about 5 times. And i really like how nourishing it feels.
I slap it on my face after a long week of deprived sleep.
After removing, i massage the rest into my skin.

I love how it doesnt leave it sticky and skin is hydrated, glowing and firm!!


So many nutritious ingredients i am v impressed!! And no parabens.!

Pardon my zits as im having a breakout from PMS



I will def try to get this again but not in SG cos its quite expensive

I got this in HKG for 54HKD about $9 for a box of 10.

[LOTD] Summertime Livin’


It’s been horribly hot lately in Singapore and it has been a pain trying to dress up. All I want to do is either hide indoors or wear flipflops and a tank top-shorts combo.

Turns out, the hot summer weather can be a great inspiration to dress up and here’s my summertime lovin’ get up.


Cobalt blue low-back maxi dress, some tiny store in Tampines ($12!)

Neverfull tote bag, Louis Vuitton Paris

Jelly flats, Zaxy

Floral scarf, H&M

I love how casual yet feminine I looked. I had so much fun twirling around and taking photos in this outfit. It was comfortable and made me feel really attractive.


My favourite hair-do now is to simply clip my hair into a pretty ponytail with this absolutely gorgeous clip I got from Far East Plaza. You can’t really see the diamantes on it but it really sparkles when you see it. It goes with virtually every outfit and I find myself using this almost daily, especially when I go to work.


My trusty Zaxy jelly flats served me well. I apologise for it looking rather gruffy.

Final word, I love how I felt sexy and beautiful even when I wasn’t baring a lot of skin. Modesty need not be sacrificed in face of fashion and I truly believe in that.

My holiday make up & skincare stash


Blogging from my iphone cos my PC is down

Im leaving for China in a few hours time and quite excited! Its my first time too. Beijing – pls dont disappoint me!

I limit my make up to 1 Bellabox.
These boxes i collected over the years are handy. I have another box for my skincare stuff lol

My minimalist holiday make up box:


Dior lip glow, ZA Liquid eyeliner and brow pencil, Diorshow mascara, OCC lip tar, Innisfree mineral liquid foundation, SANA loose powder, NYX blusher, Revlon eye shadow, Canmake eyeshadow which is gg to finish!
I missed out my Silkygirl bronze eyeliner for undereye

Heres the skincare box:

Mixure of stuffs from bellabox n my own loot, mainly bellabox though. I hope i can access wordpress there so can give mini reviews during the trip.

And of cos, LOTDs from Beijing.

Till then, have a great weekend! 🙂

Customise your iPhone Icons – Cocoppa


Don’t be a typical iPhone user. I found this totally cool site which shows you how you can also customise your iPhone to look as cool as those of Andriod users!



First, go to the App store and download the app “Cocoppa.”  IT’S FREE.  Yeehaw!

When you have the app downloaded and open to the home screen, it should look like this:

First, let’s tackle an easy app like Facebook.  Make sure that your screen is displaying “Icons.”  You can check at the top where it reads: “Icons” “Wallpapers” and “Stamps.”  “Icons” should be in dark pink if selected.
Next, scroll down all the way to the bottom.  Don’t even bother going through the “search” options they offer. Let’s search for “Facebook” icons.
On the next page, you’ll see tons of icons pop up.  Choose your favorite and click on it.
Once you’ve clicked on it, it should take you to a new screen.  Click on the banner that says “Set up link.”
Next, you’ll be setting up the app to go with your new icon.  In this case, when we’re using an app that was downloaded from the App Store, so hit “App Search.”
Now, Facebook is super popular so it pops right up first thing.  But you can also search for your app in the search bar too.  That takes a little digging.  In this case, click on the Facebook icon.
Next screen, you’ll put the name of your app in the box and hit “OK.”
Next, you’ll want to open the link in Safari to be able to add it to your home screen.  So, hit “Yes” when the box pops up asking you to go to Safari.
After you hit yes, it will take you to a new Safari page.  You’ll want to hit the “Share” button at the bottom to be able to add the icon.  It looks like a box with an arrow coming out it it.  Hit it.
Finally, a box will pop up.  Hit the icon that says “Add to Home Screen.”
Name that little app whatever your heart desires…..
And voila!!  There she is, my friends.  Your pretty, new personalized icon for you to enjoy.
FYI.  You do have to keep your old icon for you to still have the actual app.  So I put all of my old icons together in a folder** (which I aptly named “Unpretties”) and put on the last “page” of my home screen so I wouldn’t see them.  **You can create a folder by holding one app and putting it over another.  That creates folders which can hold multiple apps at a time.  Example:
Now, this post will be one of several explaining how to make your iPhone prettier by using this app.  Use this post to download new icons for any app you’ve downloaded from the App Store.

Happy customizing…..

Credits: Super Messy Mommy


Spring Themed April Bellabox!



Last month’s Bellabox came just in time for Spring! (not that we have spring in Singapore anyway).

Even the box is decorated with sakura so pretty

And recently i notice Bellabox change their wrapper paper inside every month. Which is really refreshing each month.

this month, is LIME green with polka dots. I LOVE IT


the Orange sticker so cute right!!

i cant wait to open liao.

And, there’s smthg different this time, there’s a recipe!! not just any recipe k, its from Laurent Bernard from his famed Chocolatier man!


He has 20 years of culinary experience in 5 stars hotels and resort. Now he has many chocolates outlets in SG, including Takashimaya food hall and St Regis hotel.

and also BEST Chocolate in Singapore for 2011-2013. WOW.

i plan to try this out soon.

Back to the Bellabox.

April’s one was good. it has everything that i will use!!

I cant wait to try the Skin Pharmacy Collagen Building serum and the sleep potion tonight.

I have v bad insomnia and this potion is just in time 🙂



I hope to do a review of one of Bellabox’s item soon. they are coming faster than i can finish. you dont wanna see my backlog LOL.

Have a good weekend! XX