Spring Themed April Bellabox!



Last month’s Bellabox came just in time for Spring! (not that we have spring in Singapore anyway).

Even the box is decorated with sakura so pretty

And recently i notice Bellabox change their wrapper paper inside every month. Which is really refreshing each month.

this month, is LIME green with polka dots. I LOVE IT


the Orange sticker so cute right!!

i cant wait to open liao.

And, there’s smthg different this time, there’s a recipe!! not just any recipe k, its from Laurent Bernard from his famed Chocolatier man!


He has 20 years of culinary experience in 5 stars hotels and resort. Now he has many chocolates outlets in SG, including Takashimaya food hall and St Regis hotel.

and also BEST Chocolate in Singapore for 2011-2013. WOW.

i plan to try this out soon.

Back to the Bellabox.

April’s one was good. it has everything that i will use!!

I cant wait to try the Skin Pharmacy Collagen Building serum and the sleep potion tonight.

I have v bad insomnia and this potion is just in time 🙂



I hope to do a review of one of Bellabox’s item soon. they are coming faster than i can finish. you dont wanna see my backlog LOL.

Have a good weekend! XX

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