Customise your iPhone Icons – Cocoppa


Don’t be a typical iPhone user. I found this totally cool site which shows you how you can also customise your iPhone to look as cool as those of Andriod users!



First, go to the App store and download the app “Cocoppa.”  IT’S FREE.  Yeehaw!

When you have the app downloaded and open to the home screen, it should look like this:

First, let’s tackle an easy app like Facebook.  Make sure that your screen is displaying “Icons.”  You can check at the top where it reads: “Icons” “Wallpapers” and “Stamps.”  “Icons” should be in dark pink if selected.
Next, scroll down all the way to the bottom.  Don’t even bother going through the “search” options they offer. Let’s search for “Facebook” icons.
On the next page, you’ll see tons of icons pop up.  Choose your favorite and click on it.
Once you’ve clicked on it, it should take you to a new screen.  Click on the banner that says “Set up link.”
Next, you’ll be setting up the app to go with your new icon.  In this case, when we’re using an app that was downloaded from the App Store, so hit “App Search.”
Now, Facebook is super popular so it pops right up first thing.  But you can also search for your app in the search bar too.  That takes a little digging.  In this case, click on the Facebook icon.
Next screen, you’ll put the name of your app in the box and hit “OK.”
Next, you’ll want to open the link in Safari to be able to add it to your home screen.  So, hit “Yes” when the box pops up asking you to go to Safari.
After you hit yes, it will take you to a new Safari page.  You’ll want to hit the “Share” button at the bottom to be able to add the icon.  It looks like a box with an arrow coming out it it.  Hit it.
Finally, a box will pop up.  Hit the icon that says “Add to Home Screen.”
Name that little app whatever your heart desires…..
And voila!!  There she is, my friends.  Your pretty, new personalized icon for you to enjoy.
FYI.  You do have to keep your old icon for you to still have the actual app.  So I put all of my old icons together in a folder** (which I aptly named “Unpretties”) and put on the last “page” of my home screen so I wouldn’t see them.  **You can create a folder by holding one app and putting it over another.  That creates folders which can hold multiple apps at a time.  Example:
Now, this post will be one of several explaining how to make your iPhone prettier by using this app.  Use this post to download new icons for any app you’ve downloaded from the App Store.

Happy customizing…..

Credits: Super Messy Mommy



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