[LOTD] Neon Lights | Monochromatic City


A quick post while I am actually having a staycation treat for my husband.

We went out for some yummy fancy Chinese food for his birthday dinner and I took the chance to do some dressing up.


Monochromatic graphic print dress, Bysi

Neon green pumps (which looks fluorescent yellow in the pictures, gosh), Zalora

White bag, Fendi (previously featured)


I love how the print is so funky on its own that the simplicity of the cut stands out. The dress itself speaks volume so I didn’t accessorize much, just a simple silver necklace.


I swear it’s supposed to be neon green but it turns out looking totally different. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to have a chance to wear these funky shoes with the perfect dress. I bought this pair of shoes last year at a steal ($20) on a shopping portal which I have since boycotted. These shoes are so adorable and quite comfortable. I hope the beauty of the shoes would take the attention off my non-pedicured nails (oops)


Overall, I love how my outfit blended. It was not your typical date kinda outfit but I think it was both fashion forward and appropriate at the same time.


On an irrelevant side note, this is a sneak peek at what I bought for my husband (at least one of the items). I adore (pun fully intended) this Agnes b bracelet on my husband. It gives his outfit this unexpected pop and an added dimension to his metrosexual dressing. Now that I look at this picture, it actually looks like it came out of a comic strip!

Will be featuring my staycation in the next post on the Staycation diaries. Took lots of pictures to showcase this really awesome hotel! 🙂

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