[Review] Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF40


I owe you guys this review for very long.. Sorry!


Ingredients courtesy of mywomenstuff as i threw the box away. This ingredients is for pink tint so mine should not have colourings


I bought this 30ml sunscreen from Clarins last year after hearing a friend of mine using it and her skin is ultra fair and translucent
I got the neutral shade which is not tinted as i was trying to avoid colourings.

Yes- there are many good raves and reviews about this and Sydney also likes this alot!

Personally for me,
I like the effectiveness of this product and happy with the mineral ingredients. I do believe this “anti pollutants” sunscreen is great for city dwellers and i brought it to beijing, with their infamous air pollution.

However, i find the consistency too greasy for me, like many sunscreens.
Im sure u know what i mean.. Usually sunscreens leave a greasy afterfeel and this is no different
This explains why i skipped applying this for several mths unless im out in e sun. I just apply my BB cream w spf 30 after moisturising.

So i dont get it when ppl rave this leaves a light touch cos it doesnt.

I would prefer it feels like nothing at all.




Anyway i dont think i’ll get this again and am going to try those water sunscreens!! Hehe


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