Quick Shopping in one hour


Some of the stuff i got in less than an hour today!!

Forever new lime cut out dress – $55.79 (original $159.90)


My first cut out dress!
I love the triangle cut out cos its below my bust not on top. not cleavage baring so i dont feel so insecure..
Made of thick satin so looks very fit and structured.
This is UK 4 and im UK6 so i took forever to zip it. Really have to stop breathing.
I will need to diet 2 weeks before i can wear it for a wedding. Otherwise i cant eat at all in this dress.

Uniqlo shorts $16 and skorts $25

These are going to be my June faves!
They came in many prints and these are my choices
The shorts is elastic band at waist so its so easy to wear yet looks so chic for my weekend staples. I want to buy more.
Wish i got it on sale (since they have random sales on selected pieces)
The skorts are made of this silky soft material that feels cool n looks shiny to the touch.
Its 99% skirt and 1% shorts cos i only know its skorts cos my fren told me. The closure at the bottom is very low and just a small stitch. PERFECT for a girl like me whom cant sit properly.


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