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[Review] Innisfree Mineral Water Foundation



I got this mineral water foundation in Korea last year for 15,000 won.

Was quite excited since i’ve never tried mineral make up and always wanted to try.

Personally i prefer foundation / bb cream that is watery in nature as they spread and blend easily, without leaving a cakey feeling.


credits to All made in koreaĀ for below photo


I really like the water texture of this foundation, i think this is what a tinted moisturizer feels like (althuogh i have not tried)/

its probably the same thing if you ask me, just fancy names to vary the products.

it blends very lightly into my skin, and i use this every day if i am going out.
Coverage is not high, so dont expect to cover all your acne scars, but it does lighten them.
my skin feels moist and light after putting this and my face looks so naturally nude.

it also give off a healthy glow, and i dont have to put much powder to set the make up.

it comes with SPF15 PA+, which is not alot so i always use sunscreen as a base.

can u see how watery it is..?

here’s a comparison, i put this only on the left of the photo.
it covers imperfections naturally and skin tone is more even.

i would mind buying this again!

[LOTD] Floral Inspiration


Good sunday all šŸ™‚

I attended a wedding lunch and dinner recently and here’s my outfit.

the ceremony was held outdoors under a beautiful tree so i try to go for a floral look.


Camilla and Belle Dress in Steel Lavender from SMOOCH – $40
Bag – Bata $30+
Shoes – Bata $15

Featuring duo straps on one side of the shoulder, the beauty of theĀ Camilla and Belle DressĀ lies in its skirt. Akin to an artwork, beautifulĀ floral appliques with lace inserts within are carefully sewn onto the skirt portion of the dress. The floral appliques goes beyond the hemline of the skirt, allowing one to admire the sheer beauty of the appliques in completion. The cutting of theĀ Camilla and Belle DressĀ flatters the body with its slouchy top and bodycon skirt.

Don’t you think this dress is lovely?

A photo from the ceremony:

It fits me really well except that the duo straps keep falling off and is not here not there, so it does feel like im wearing it wrong sometimes. as you can see above, the nearer strap is too close to my neck and the further strap is too far.

I am really pleased with the quality of the patchwork and got many praises from friends šŸ™‚

as i have short hair now, im not sure what to do with it but accessorise.
Thankfully, i have a matching flower hair clip from H&M, to complete the look

Make up that day is simple, i try to do more highlights and contouring on my face.
and pairing with my favourite pink lipstick for a girly look

However, i am really upset with the time i waited for backorder of this dress.
i ordered on 31 Jan as backorder, and only got it last week of June!!
There was only 1 update sent in May that the dress would be ready in June. so there was 4 mths of waiting for the first update.

ON 15 June – i emailed them for an update without knowing it was updated to sent on 14 June -they replied me saying it was sent out on 14th as well

On 20 June i have not got it so i email them again and they said it was sent on 18 June so i should be getting it soon. (ok…… i thought THEY said it was sent on 14?)

so i was really disappointed with this experience.. i hope you girls will not face the same issue like me when you buy there.

Maybelline 2-in-1 Impact Shadow Liner



This eye shadow liner was given to me about 3 years ago and i only started using it last month *horrors*
i use make up very slowly as i use little amount and i ensure that i finish the whole thing before opening another.

i wonder if this is still available in stores… if it is not, i’m sorry!


this is a rich bronzy brown shade which is perfect for me as i am a makeup noob so brown is the safest colour.
black is too harsh and bright colours make me look so wayang, i dont really know how to use colours on my face.

and i just wanna say..
I SUPER LOVELOVE this product!!!!!!

the colour is very pigmented and stain the skin so easily.
my previous bronze eyeliner from silkygirl which i’ve used for many years is no match for this – that one is less pigmented and i have to keep brushing on my waterline with no effect. also i have to clean the tip often as the powder base of my make up covers the pencil tip (for silkygirl).

as for this, i never have to clean the pencil tip.
i use this as a eyeliner, not eye shadow.. i prefer browns because its less harsh looking than black, which is perfect for your ‘no make up au natural’ look
also, my skin becomes oily by midday and naturally eyeliners always melts to my undereyes.
this doesnt make me look like a panda and doesnt need me to go wipe it off and check as and when.

i can foresee using this daily and i do play ard with drawing my eyes differently for different looks.

i will defintely get this again when it runs out.
Rating:4.5/10 (minus 0.5 as it is too soft and have to sharpen more regularly)

here’s me putting only the eyeliner on my right eye (LEFT of the photo)



[LOTD] My SummerXJap Outfit


Hello guys, hope your weekend was great!

Here’s an outfit i put together for a day out with my girlfriends on a weekend.


Grey star studded sweater top: H&M

Pastel blue flowery skorts: Lowry’s Farm

Shoes: Forever 21

Although its always hot in summary singapore, but i still prefer to wear long sleeves top sometimes because the air conditioning indoors can be really cold sometiems!

especially in the cinema.

and also im afraid of chilling weather.


i love the off shoulder cut which makes it a lil atypical.

the silver star studs give its a rocker chick feel which adds more oomph to any outfit.

my favourite part of this top is the ultra long sleeves which are tapers at the ends so its tighter and gives its a more too-cool-for-school look. LOLOL.


the skorts from Lowry’s farm was on sale and looks really jappy on the manequin so i gave it a shot.
its elastic banded at the waist with a drawstring which is not revealed here cos of my top. i have also paired it with a laced top to show the details of the waist.

finally a good shot! haha.

have a good sunday all, you can follow me on instagram @dancerinadream for more photos of clothes and food. =D