[LOTD] Floral Inspiration


Good sunday all šŸ™‚

I attended a wedding lunch and dinner recently and here’s my outfit.

the ceremony was held outdoors under a beautiful tree so i try to go for a floral look.


Camilla and Belle Dress in Steel Lavender from SMOOCH – $40
Bag – Bata $30+
Shoes – Bata $15

Featuring duo straps on one side of the shoulder, the beauty of theĀ Camilla and Belle DressĀ lies in its skirt. Akin to an artwork, beautifulĀ floral appliques with lace inserts within are carefully sewn onto the skirt portion of the dress. The floral appliques goes beyond the hemline of the skirt, allowing one to admire the sheer beauty of the appliques in completion. The cutting of theĀ Camilla and Belle DressĀ flatters the body with its slouchy top and bodycon skirt.

Don’t you think this dress is lovely?

A photo from the ceremony:

It fits me really well except that the duo straps keep falling off and is not here not there, so it does feel like im wearing it wrong sometimes. as you can see above, the nearer strap is too close to my neck and the further strap is too far.

I am really pleased with the quality of the patchwork and got many praises from friends šŸ™‚

as i have short hair now, im not sure what to do with it but accessorise.
Thankfully, i have a matching flower hair clip from H&M, to complete the look

Make up that day is simple, i try to do more highlights and contouring on my face.
and pairing with my favourite pink lipstick for a girly look

However, i am really upset with the time i waited for backorder of this dress.
i ordered on 31 Jan as backorder, and only got it last week of June!!
There was only 1 update sent in May that the dress would be ready in June. so there was 4 mths of waiting for the first update.

ON 15 June – i emailed them for an update without knowing it was updated to sent on 14 June -they replied me saying it was sent out on 14th as well

On 20 June i have not got it so i email them again and they said it was sent on 18 June so i should be getting it soon. (ok…… i thought THEY said it was sent on 14?)

so i was really disappointed with this experience.. i hope you girls will not face the same issue like me when you buy there.


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