[LOTD] Weekend basics


What i love about weekends is that i can wear my most comfortable clothes head to toe, and of cos not compromising on style when im out with my girls!


Top: White basic Zara Tank

Outerwear: Navy Blue Mango Casual cropped cardigan

Bottom: Pink floral skorts from Uniqlo

Shoes: DMK ballet flats

i totally adore Zara’s basic tank fabric, it feels so smooth and rich and the quality adds a classy touch to any outfit. they always sell out fast in size S and i managed to get this 2 mths back. it has been a staple in my work and off work outfits since.

I also love the mini cardigan from Mango. I swear they make one of the best cardigans. they always keep me warm and do not compromise on comfort unlike other brands i feel. others are either too stiff or not warm enough.

My skin loves the softness of this cardi that i bought 2 more.


Best part is short cardis are perfect for dressy outfits as those full length ones tend to make the look baggy, and spoils the silouette of the dress.

as seen below. circa july 2012


Another favourite of mine these few weeks is this Uniqlo skorts. it looks like a skirt but its sewn in the center so its a shorts too.

its fully lined underneath and both materials in and out are super silky! i think from this photo you can see the brightness of this becos the light can really reflect on this unique satinny material. not just the normal stiff satin, this is thicker and silkier!

i am not a skirt person on weekends so this is perfect for chilling out over weekends and i dont have to worry about how i cross my legs.


what can i say, a pair of nude flats is essential in every girls shoerack!



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