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[Review] Innisfree Skinny Longlongcara


I bought this from Korea after watching an advertorial drama with Innisfree on Youtube. The minidrama is like 10 episodes of 15 min each of a love story between the female lead and her bf. Each episode has a different theme like “Emergency Touch Up” “subtract 3 years make up” and only uses Innisfree products.

Its quite nice!

So this was the product i damn wanna try after watching

There are a few types in this range

Microcara, longlongcara, waterproof etc. i dun generally like waterproof as it really clumps and so hard to remove (in my own experience) so i just got this

The brush is really Skinny!!

You can see the close up


  • Reaches lower lashes very well without touching the skin 
  • Precise application
  • Smudge proof!! Never stains my skin after a long oily day
  • No smell
  • Natural looking lashes


  • Doesnt coat top lashes quickly so i need to apply many times
  • Not much difference from far before and after unless you go close up

[Review] Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion


I got this cushion after sawing good reviews for this very affordable cushion so i asked my friend to buy for me from Korea. I have been using this about 3 months. It comes with SPF 50+++!! Not bad

The white circles are where the “pearl essence” are located so when you press the sponge on the cushion it will really show 6 circles. 

I was quite impressed with this cushion the first time as the coverage is medium and leaves my skin looking dewy, bright, fair. Those whom do not like the dewy look may not like it. However it is not too dewy for me and i don’t even dustpowder after   that.

Before any make up

That is a bruise on my jawline.

After only the cushion

Sorry i have not blend well in my chin area

Coverage is medium and i do like the brightening of my skin when i apply this.

The con of this is, when i apply some of my loose powder, it ended up Cakey. Which i then had to use more bb cushion to even it out. However when i use another mineral powder, it doesn’t happen.

For a affordable and good bb cushion, its not bad. I would say only buy when u r on a budget. Otherwise HERA cushion is of course my preferred cushion.