[Review] Innisfree Skinny Longlongcara


I bought this from Korea after watching an advertorial drama with Innisfree on Youtube. The minidrama is like 10 episodes of 15 min each of a love story between the female lead and her bf. Each episode has a different theme like “Emergency Touch Up” “subtract 3 years make up” and only uses Innisfree products.

Its quite nice!

So this was the product i damn wanna try after watching

There are a few types in this range

Microcara, longlongcara, waterproof etc. i dun generally like waterproof as it really clumps and so hard to remove (in my own experience) so i just got this

The brush is really Skinny!!

You can see the close up


  • Reaches lower lashes very well without touching the skin 
  • Precise application
  • Smudge proof!! Never stains my skin after a long oily day
  • No smell
  • Natural looking lashes


  • Doesnt coat top lashes quickly so i need to apply many times
  • Not much difference from far before and after unless you go close up


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