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September Product Empties


From Left to Right

1. Biore UV Aqua Rish Watery Essense

This is my Holy Grail of UV protection. I use it everyday on my face and sometimes arms if i remember. Love how it blends into the skin feeling cool and no white cast and no oily residue. I tried the Clarins UV before and i didn’t like it at all. Anyway this could be my 10th bottle already…

2. Biore Marshmellow moisture Whip Cleansing Foam

This must also my 10th bottle or more.. I started this when it first came to singapore as “collagen whip” but later become “moisture whip” which i was quite sad but anyway, i use this twice a day. Morning cleansing and for evening, as my 3rd step of cleansing. Yes, i triple cleanse every night. For a valid reason…. I shall sure next time


Isnt this packaging so cute? I must admit i bought because of that. This is my 2nd time trying this essence. It does a decent job but i am not used to putting essense to replace my toner actually. I always believe first step is toning. 

4. Avene Skin Balance Foaming Gel

Ok i swear by the Avene Soapless Foaming Gel which i also must have gone through 10 bottles. Then one day the sales lady told me these 2 are the same but this is cheaper. Of course i do not believe and even checked the ingredients. This one has 1 more ingredient i forgot which sorry.. Anyway i relented and bought it. Well it does feel and smell the same to me seriously, except it comes in a pump form. Anw i will still go back to my Soapless Foaming Gel. I still have 1 more bottle of this tho… Cos need to buy 2.

5. Nano Up toothpaste (sorry i didnt check the brand)

Japanese toothpaste is really quite creative. This has gold and silver flakes in a yellowish gel. Hence the Ag Au written on it… Its not bad!! I liked how it is not so sweet like Darlie and my teeth feels super clean n mouth refreshed. I remember it is quite expensive but i bought it in Japan some time back so i can’t buy it again until i go back..