[Review] Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer


Bought this in Korea a few months back. But i only started using this daily 3 weeks ago. I like to stick to and finish 1 concealer… Anyway i chose this product because Clio has a reliable reputation for thier eyeliners n coverage products.

Pro Artist somemore

Normally i will cover my dark circles, sides of nose, acne scar on my chin and cheeks.

Omg can see my freckles n moustache here!

Anyway, i don’t like this product at all. 

  • It doesnt blend well with any of my foundations, leaving a streaky finish
  • I tried blending using beauty blender or bb cushion sponge 
  • By the time i blend it out decently, the spot which i would like to cover is not covered and i can still see my scars. This defeats the purpose of a concealer right…?
  • When i powder over it, it looks even more streaky. Even with the finest powder i have ever used (innisfree no sebum powder)

After photos everything is still visible…

For the first time i will stop using something after 3 weeks…

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