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[Review] Clarins Double Serum (Hydric + Lipidic System) Complete Age Control


After finishing my SK2 Treatment Essence, I wanted to try another essence/serum in between bottles. Yeah, I tend to go back to SK2 cos it’s good but I don’t like the pitera smell or the price. So during my facial at Eden Spa, Lindsy was raving about the NEW Clarins Double Serum and how it is formulated for younger skin.

This serum is powered by 20 pure plant extracts and potent, high-tech molecules, Double Serum’s innovative, dual chamber system combines two age-defying formulas into one groundbreaking serum that reactivates skin’s vital functions. It makes skin firmer, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, produces a more even skintone, and minimizes pores.

Engineered by 27 years of plant science, the NEW Double Serum [Hydric + Lipidic System] combines two powerful age-defying serums into one optimum balance to help fight all aspects of visible ageing. Now you can stay younger. Longer.
The only intensive anti-ageing treatment rich in 20 plant extracts that revitalizes the skin’s 5 vital functions. A unique formula the promises a visibly youthful look: firmer skin, visibly reduced wrinkles, more even complexion and less visible pores.
90% of Asian women agreed that Double Serum is more effective than their regular serums*.

*Test conducted on 50 Asian women.


Key ingredients
Katafray: Comforts and promotes softness.
Kiwi: Makes skin more supple.
Pistachio: Protects.
Organic Musk Rose: Radiates.
Organic Green Banana: Reduces wrinkles, firms, and smooths.


Research results
In a satisfaction test conducted on 197 women:
– 88% reported smoother skin
– 82% reported a more radiant complexion
– 76% reported a refined skin texture
– 73% reported increased tonicity

After four weeks:
– 87% reported smoother skin
– 79% reported reduced wrinkles
– 88% reported a more even skintone
– 88% reported less visible pores

In a satisfaction test conducted on 50 women:
– 90% found Double Serum more effective than their current serum

20130423-151342.jpg 20130423-151348.jpg

You can clearly see the water-soluble (hydric) and oil-soluble (lipidic) parts in a single pump (that is my thigh btw). Even though the instructions called for two pumps, I only use this in the evening with one pump, spreading & warming it in my palms before pressing onto my face. I read some reviews that this serum broke them out so I decided to go easy since I have normal-combination skin and the hot and humid climate in Singapore doesn’t help.

It is easily absorb and smells comforting. I find my skintone has indeed even out more as I have a lesser need for concealer in the morning. There is also a certain radiance in my face these days. So far I’m loving this and already halfway through my first bottle of 30ml. Yes, I got the twin pack for better value.

Retails SGD 118 for 30ml

[Review] MISSHA Pure Source Sheet Mask – Raspberry


Another purchase from Korea! this came in a pack of 10 for a cheap price i cant rmb..
photo (9)

I chose raspberry as it is for nourishing and firming, smthg which i need 😀

photo (10)

like any mask sheet, i place this on my skin after washing and applying the MISSHA Time Revolution Facial Treatment Essence

photo (11)
i like how this came with the flaps for eyes but i also never use the flaps.

i’ve used this about 5 times and am happy with it – its moisturizing and my skin feels taut and firm after each use.

you’ll have seen this photo in my previous post. this is right after peeling of the mask sheet and patting the essence in.
photo (8)

[Review] – 2B Alternative For Face


There are many face shapes and we’ve all read it in magazines; round, heart, square, oval. Still, there is a strong favour for the v-shape face aka heart shaped. So it shouldn’t be surprising to find countless of products and procedures targeted at that desire.

So today, I’ll be reviewing this product from 2B. 2B has plenty of other slimming related products for different target regions. This is for face.



In each box, there’s 2 sets of this and packed within a foam structure to prevent breakage. The bottles are also like ampoules so you have to break it before putting on the clear plastic applicator and cap. Each bottle is 7ml

The texture is super watery and easily absorbed with no smell.

Verdict:This product claims to target BOTH the muscles while also reducing water retention. A box (2 x 7ml) last me approx for 4 weeks and I’m starting my 3rd bottle soon. I didn’t take any before after pics but I can tell my nasolabial folds are visibly less deep after 2 bottles. I used a total of 3 drops, spread it on my palms before applying to my cheeks and chin twice every day. I will continue to repurchase this for awhile. A box cost less than SGD 60 and it’s exclusively available at Guardian stores.

[Review] Odbo Collagen Hydra-mask


When MJ went to Seoul, she brought back loads of goodies and gave me a ton of facial masks. YAY! This is the first one I’ve tried.

Odbo is a range of products exclusively distributed in selected The Face Shop stores in Korea.

The mask contains high concentrations of Collagen which deeply penetrates to keep loose and saggy skin firm and richly nourishing beauty essence to shine and revitalize the skin. A single application leaves the skin moisturized and crystal-clear.

This pre-cut sheet contains active beauty ingredients as well as Collagen which is the most important protein in human body to soften dead skin cells and to protect the skin from various pollution factors, firming the skin. The essence mask sheet is easy to use and revitalizes to keep the skin looking healthier and attractive.

I’ve wondered why they bother printing some details in English since it is supposed to be for the Korean market only.
*Important instruction: Before opening the pouch, shake it a few times so that the essence in the pouch can be mixed well. Upon opening the packet, it has a lovely scent. Loves it!

How it fits onto my small face. Anyone with a bigger face may not have sufficient coverage. After putting the mask on, there isn’t much essence left in the packet which is a bummer. Only enough to spread onto my nasolabial folds, lips and a thin layer over my neck

All ingredients (INCI): Aqua, 1.3 Butylene glycol, Glycerin, Ethanol, Sodium hyaluronate, Xantangum, PEG-60 Hydrogenated castor oil, Methylparaben, Tocopheryl acetate, Imidazolidinyl urea, Hamamelis virginiana extract, Betaine, Allantoin, Sodium citrate, Panthenol, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, Disodium EDTA, Perfume, Collagen (0.001%)

Skin feels plumped after using it for 20min. It dries well with a slight sticky residue but it’s tolerable. I do like this mask but I feel there are so many facial masks out there and for me this doesn’t stand out so much that I would go out and purchase it. Having said that, if you would like to get this but are not heading to Korea anytime soon. Do check out this & this sites to order. They are both based in Singapore and carry a range of other Odbo products.

[Review] Goodskin Labs Collagen Facial Treatment and Deep Wrinkle Filler


It’s always sad to see my skin look so dehydrated and aged after travelling. Despite my best endeavours, I am not able to reverse the effects of ageing.

My skin grouses:
1) Lack of moisture in skin and signs of lowered
2) Acne prone skin
3) Fine lines under my eye (no thanks to my bad habit of rubbing my eyes)

When I caught sight of these products from US-based Goodskin Labs at Duty Free Singapore at a decent price, I decided to take a shot.

Collagen Facial Treatment retails at DFS for SGD$61 and Deep Wrinkle Filler at $55.


The texture of the Collagen Facial Treatment is thick but does not give a sticky feeling. Also, I found that it provides some oil control when I use my tinted moisturiser and loose powder. The instruction was to focus more on the cheeks.


Application of the Deep Wrinkle Filler is done directly on the lines itself. Light patting of the liquid into the lines until it fills up. ( Now you know my problem areas!)


After my first application, I noticed that my cheeks appeared less saggy and more hydrated. I also like the fact the creams are not scented artificially.


Will monitor the results for 4 weeks to see the effects as claimed.

Meanwhile, I think these products have a lot of potential to be a staple feature in my skin care regime.

[Review] GNC LAC® Taut® Gold Standard Collagen Infusion Mask


These days I’m starting to notice my laugh lines or nasolabial folds even when I’m not laughing -_-” Time to add more anti-ageing skincare into my regime. So when I saw my mum bought TWO packs of these, I was more than happy to try one “Age-Defying Mask”.

LAC® Taut® Gold Standard Collagen Infusion Mask is a facial mask that slips luxuriously onto your face to infuse concentrated premium collagen-enriched essence to tone, hydrate and brighten your complexion in just 7-10 minutes! This intense facial treatment mask smoothens the appearance of deep and fine lines, infuses the skin with precious moisture and helps prevent the visible signs of ageing and environmental pollution. The antioxidant ingredients target the appearance of dark spots, age-lines and wrinkles.

Directions: Apply mask on clean face and relax for 10 minutes, followed by usual moisturizer regime. For best results, use mask at least 2-3 times a week.

Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Soluble Collagen, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Betaine, Sodium Dilauramidoglutamide Lysine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Magnesium Ascorbyl, Phosphate, Squalane, Triethylhexanoin, Phytosteryl/Behenyl/Octyldodesyl/Lauroyl Glutamate, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Hydroxide, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Polyglyceryl-2 Oleate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben.

Here’s a pack shot

Pictorial instructions to guide me

With the mask on. Fits alright but I had initial trouble unfolding it to put on my face.

Close up of the sheet texture which imo is like any other normal sheet mask – feels like paper.

Manufactured in Japan. Quality should be assured.

Check out the essence left in the pack. Enough to apply over the neck and decollete.

My skin looks super soaked in the essence after I peel this mask off after 20min. Can u see my deepening nasolabial folds?

Now, the instructions said to follow with my normal moisturizing regime which I did with my Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream. I also use the sheet mask to wipe over my arms. Even after 20 minutes, my face AND arms still felt sticky. I do NOT like sheet masks with a sticky residue cos it makes me wanna wash my face again. For me, I tend to do my masks at night before I sleep so having a sticky face is the last thing I want next to my pillow. Think I’m better off sticking (pun unintended) with my Dr Wu All Purpose Mask. Will not be touching the rest that my mum bought.

Retails @ SGD 49.50 for a pack of 5s or SGD 39.60 if you’re a GNC VIP member

[Review] Ole Henriksen Truth Serum® Collagen Booster


Like a daily vitamin for your face, this high powered vitamin C complex helps smooth out lines and wrinkles and prevents further damage. Loaded with antioxidants to fight off environmental aggressors and moisture-binding ingredients to keep your skin nourished and protected, this aromatic serum is absorbed instantly and penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin to provide long term results. Sensitive skin prone to irritation will benefit immensely from the calming properties of this oil-free serum.

ingredient benefits

Grapefruit and orange extract Purifying, astringent, brightening
Green tea extract Protects against damage with antioxidants
Licorice extract Evens out skin tone
Rosehips extract Repairs and strengthens with concentrated vitamin C
Sodium hyaluronate Binds moisture to the skin
Vitamin C Calms, heals and strengthens collagen
Vitamin E Heals, restores and nourishes

Realise there’s no Collagen listed in its ingredient? hehe

I first received this product at Sephora US for a free sample (7ml) using my beauty rewards card.

Like most skincare products with vitamin C ingredients, it smells citrusy orangey. I love the smell 🙂

A little bit goes a long way and one pump (frm the full size bot) is enough to spread all over my face and neck. My 7ml sample lasted me for 3 weeks! I like to spread & rub onto my palms before patting it on my face, a technique taught by the people @ Clarins for better absorption. This product starts off sticky (maybe cos i pat) cos the texture is rather thick and viscous but it absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind. I had a few acne scars at my temples and they are slowing but surely fading away after using this for 3 weeks. Maybe it’s me but perhaps the vitamin c is working its magic.

My sis recently started working in an a/c environment and mentioned that her skin feels dry. Adding this to her skincare regime really helped to plump up the moisture levels in her skin and she was so happy that she went ahead to buy the full sized bottle @ Sephora Singapore.

US$48 + tax  (1 fl oz / 30 ml)
SGD 80

[Review] Dr Wu Special Treatment All Purpose Bio-Cellulose Mask with Botolift


One of my favourite all time mask!

A box comes with 3 individually packed mask

Here are the product’s multi-purpose claims

Dr Wu’s All Purpose Forumula exhibits anti-wrinkle, whitening and re-hydrating effects. Its patented ingredients BotoLift™ can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity by matrix stimulation and reinforcement of cutaneous barrier. A strong whitening agent Melaclear2 helps to ligten skin, improve dull skin tone and prevent spots and pigmentation. IT also contains many active agents that relieve dryness instantly and continue to facilitate moist retention even after treatment.

Main ingredient : BotoLift™ (Pentapeptide-3, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8), Melaclear 2™, Sodium Hyaluronate, Licorice Root Extract, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten, Serine, Arginine, Proline, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate, Hydrolyzed Vegetal Protein, Ceratonia Siliqua Gum, Pectin, Xanthan Gum, 1,3-Butylene Glycol, IPBC, Methyl Paraben, Water(Aqua)

The gel mask is sanwiched between two different texture sheets. Be sure to place the netted side onto your face.

If you want, you can flip the eye piece up and do an eye mask.

A close up of the texture of this mask. It is fairly stretchable and pretty light and thin. This mask doesn’t drip so you can happily go about doing your (light) activities (if you don’t do the eye mask of cos).

Plenty of goodness left in the packet which i use to apply on my lips & neck. I think it amounted to about 10ml.

I usually follow the instructions and leave it on for the recommended time as I find sometimes if I leave it on too long, it gets kind of unpleasant for me when I peel it off. I prefer to peel off my sheet masks when it’s still slightly moist.

Unlike many sheet masks I’ve tried, this mask leaves a smooth finish without being sticky at all. I also do feel it lives up to its promise to “continue to facilitate moist retention even after treatment” because after this mask, i DO NOT need to apply any moisturizer to “lock-in” all that goodness. Whereas, many sheet mask requires me to do so or my skin will feel slightly dry after awhile.

Price: SGD 49.90 for a box of 3 masks

Thank you so much for reading!

Review: Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Face + Neck Age Reverse Clear Cream


Yes, I’m the other author who uses the other Bio-essence cream.

Here are some of my facial grouses: My skin’s oily and my face is “Bread Face” (面包脸) according to Gigi Lai, the former Bio-essence spokeperson.

Decided to buy Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Face + Neck Age Reverse Clear Cream boasting of bird’s nest and Nanogold as its active ingredients, as I had some vouchers and Watsons’ had a massive sale.

Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Range (Thanks to: Life Little Tales)

My verdict:

Kudos to the gel-like texture that “melts” into my skin once I apply it after my moisturiser and before my sunscreen. It’s essential to massage the gel in circular motion to drain excessive fluids from the lymphatic vessels, causing the bloatedness of “bread face”.

For those interested in facial massage techniques 🙂

My colleagues noticed me for my slimmer face before I mentioned any use of face lifting cream. I was pretty pleased (oh-okay I admit, I am damn pleased!) since I did not have the discipline/courage to measure the width of my face.

Slimming aside, I feel that my skin has become more supple and less oily. I’m not sure if it’s a combination of more suitable skin care or just this product.

Nay to the packaging – I would prefer a pump/dropper packaging as compared to this container so I can control the amount I use each time.

Overall: 3.5/5 It helps to firm up the skin but it is probable that facial massage techniques played a part as well.

Next up, I would want to try the Eye-serum which I heard so much rave reviews about.