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[Review] Avene Cleanance Anti-shine regulation lotion


i received a sample of this eons ago from the sales assistant at a drugstore.
she recommended it to me as i told her about my monthly breakouts and she said this can help to regulate the sebum on my face during the time.

the ingredients:

this lotion texture is not too thick, and semi translucent

blends easily too

i have been applying this to my T zone only for about 2 weeks.
that is the oilest part of my face and i usually blott my face about 12 hours later in the evening to see the almost the whole paper in oil

after applying on T zone

i love how matt my skin is after application
and it does not feel like its clogging my pores

i can still apply my regular make up after.

my T zone is definitely matt for the next few hours.
i get so engrossed and busy at work that i always forget to feel my T zone or blott during lunch.

by the end of the workday, my face is oily again, even on T zone.
so this only keep the sebum at bay for a few hours, but not the entire day.

[Review] Avene Gentle Gel cleanser


I bought this because i was very pleased with my Avene soapless foaming gel and wanted to give this one a try, and this is designed for oily combi skin which is exactly mine so i buoght it. as you can see its about halfway gone

i like how it comes in a pump bottle so there’s no need to squeeze very hard towards the end of using and makes dispensing fuss free

the texture is GEL as it says, and you will also notice this wonderful very slight smell which i feel is like ‘mineral’ and ‘fresh’. dont really know how to describe. the key ingredient is of cos, the avene thermal spring water, and i guess this is very impt for ppl with sensitive skin. the spring water is famous for calming down skin.

i bought this without realising that it doesnt foam 😦 i love foam and feels thats essential is keeping skin clean, so i became very skeptical.

i believed this contains cellulose, so the gel is really thick and gooey kind.
you will need to massage the gel all over your face, and rinse off with water.

this is me without makeup before washing

can see some oil on my face

this is after washing.

Face feels surprisingly clean! i really like the gentleness of this pdt and will recommend to those who have sensitive skin.
also, it doesnt sting or cause break outs for me. i have not tried with make up on so i dont know the effectiveness with make up. but the pdt descripion says it can remove make up as well.
skin feels clear and smooth.

i like using this when i have breakouts (LIKE NOW!) to calm my skin down.

Sold at most pharmacies liek Watsons Guardian. Forgot the price as I buoght it long ago :X

Rating: 4/5

[Review] Avene Soapless foaming gel


I bought this cleanser 2 days ago from Watsons, together with Vichy purifying cleaser gel, hoping to try a new gel cleanser since I feel the Neutrogena deep cleanser feels pretty synthetic with frangrances/colouring… and i only can use gel cleanser since i bought my clarisonic mia brush for my face. it rocks.
also, tracy was telling me that Avene cleanser has the least # of ingredients and chemicals (she studied perfume and cosmetics in NUS), and that Avene is really good.

i was in a huge dilemma between the soapless one for sensitive and irritated skin, or the normal one for oily combination skin. I personally have combination skin and wanted to get the latter.
but the SA told me that the soapless one is better and she’s been using for 7 years and honestly she looks younger than her age with really good skin. she also said the soapless one can also clean as effectively. and nowadays, i always look at the ingredients of the pdt before i buy. preferbly paraben-free, frangrance-free, alcohol-free will be +++ points and higher chance of buying.

so i guess what eventually won me over the soapless foaming gel is the small # of ingredients with i dont see anything above.

this brands’ secret ingredient is the Thermal Spring water, according to their site “Very low mineralised, rich in silica and trace elements, the Avène Thermal Spring Water has been clinically proven to be naturally soothing, anti-irritating and anti-free radical.”

as usual, i removed my make up after work with the Fancl mild cleansing oil, and was all ready to squeeze this colourless gel on my clarisonic mia brush.
and when the brush was going all over my face, i am amazed by how this soapless gel can foam so easily as well!! ever more impressed. to me, foam is essential is cleansing as i guess i feel that only foam and bubbles can trap and remove dirt effectively.

after 1 min, i rinsed my foamed face with water. and boy, i was waiting to see how this feels after rinsing. if you read my post of the holika egg soap, my face feels and sounds like rubber balloon when i rinse my face. for this, my face feels bare and clean and smooth, no feeling of anything left behind from the soap like some cream soaps. and no frangrance or anything either. at that time i think that this is the only one on par with fancl wshing powder in my opinion.

after patting my face dry, i run my fingers over my skin and lagi more pleased~~! its really smooth and clean, and i have not felt such bareness for a very long time!! its really a different kind of clean. i have to thank my clarisonic mia brush also, which cleans 6X better than bare hands. but for now, this cleanser can really perform its basic and taken for granted step – clean.

i guess you cant tell the cleanliness from pictures, but it felt so clean that i have to take a photo to post!

i highly recommend this product, and will ask my mom to use as well. this is as good as fancl washing powder in my opinion, but win it in terms of foaming for me cos i really cant make the fancl powder foam with my bare hands and always become a white running liquid – so no foam on my face when i wash, which also means i dont feel properly cleansed.

for $32.70 (125ml), i think this is mid range worth every cent!
Rating: 5/5