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[Review] Baviphat Miracle Snail Cure Hydro Gel Mask


SORRY for the horrible picture of the mask as i took this shortly after taking out from the fridge and all the water vapour in singapore’s humid air had condensed on it. i hope you can read the description.

THIS IS MY FIRST SHEET GEL MASK and 2nd Snail mask so im really excited to try this!!!

when i took it out of the pack it totally reminds me of the face shop collagen eye patch – also a gel mask with a thin gauze embedded.see here
I am very sure they have the same supplier.

also since it is of gel form, it is SO MUCH EASIER TO handle – putting on the face, adjusting to facial contours. also no worries of dripping essence like sheet fabric paper masks. can we all have gel masks pls!!

fits like a glove – me likes.

so i waited about 30 min – and yes the gel got a little thinner due to absorption supposedly. i was reluctant to remove such a comfy mask but i will.

i really like it. skin feels good and moist. it also calms down the red blotches i had from facial extraction a few days back with no irriations at all. after the mask i put on my vitacreme b12 moisturizer to ‘regenerate’ all the cells i need to recover from extraction. Skin is much better and clearer now 🙂

i will buy again!

Mini Watsons Haul


stepping into Watsons or Guardian always makes me spend $$$. Do you feel that way too? somehow you can definitely find smthg you ‘need’.

well i really went in with an agenda this time to buy feminine douche, and stepped out with more stuff lol.

from Top left clockwise:
Neutrogena Hydrating mask – $2 each
one of my favourite brand of sheet masks

Scholl Medical Sleeping Compression Stockings – $56.90
(more on this next time) i damn want and need this

Lactacyd Intimate Feminine douche – $6.90
the reason why i step in, i finished my douche

Baviphat Miracle snail cure Hydrogel mask – $4.90
since when Watsons carries Baviphat (popular korean beauty brand)?? lets try snail mask!

Botanical Choice Skin Recovery Red Ginseng mask – $2
always see this in Watsons with so many flavours and types and super bright packaging you cannot miss.
the model always have these colourful masks on her face. i always thot its a US brand cos the words are all in english and ang moh model
but googling “PUREDERM” the parent comapny Adwin Korea Corp is from Korea..

cant wait to try them all!!