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[Review] Innisfree Green Barley Bubble Cleanser


Every night, my cleansing regime consists of 3 steps:

1) Make up remover – now using FANCL Mild cleansing oil

2) Gel wash with clarisonic mia – now using Avene soapless foaming gel (My Holygrail!)

3) Bubble wash – currently using this Innisfree green barley bubble cleanser


picked this up during my korea trip last year and i was in Innisfree store looking for some stuff to stock up.

Personally, i love Innisfree as they use very natural ingredients and free of parabens etc.

and of cos, my dear YoonA from Girls Generation is their spokesperson



the reason why i use a foam cleanser on top on my gel cleanser is because with the clarisonic Mia, it cannot reach the nose contours very well and i do not use it over and around my eye area. does anyone do that? the brushes seem too harsh..

so those eye and nose contours are not cleansed properly and i will use another foam cleanser to cleanse those areas properly + my face once more.

Also, i am a very firm believer that foam is essential to cleansing. I feel that foam can pick up the dirt and grease from the pores on a minuscule level. so i feel more secure when i end my regime with a foam cleanser.

this is how the foam looks like:


and upside down:


and upon spreading:


this has a sourish smell like light vinegar i dont know why.

when i wash on my face during breakouts with open acne, it stings slightly upon application.

maybe its the alcohol content 😦

however it feels clean after washing and sometimes when i apply toner i feel a certain sting again. maybe its the toner, i dont know. i never had this issue before so i cant wait to finish this bottle.

i feel its not as gentle as the Biore Marshbmellow whip so i dont think i will get this again.

Here’s my face after washing and drying.


Happy Saturday all 🙂

Toiletries Shopping!


Spent a bomb at watsons yesterday! i was so shocked when i saw the bill. But i tell myself they are neccessities cos i really have to use these, replenish stock!

L to R
Biore Aqua rich Watery essence water base SPF50+ $18.90
Cure Natural Aqua Gel $49
Biore UV Aqua Jelly $19
Nature Way Glusasamine Plus $136.30
Biore Marshmallow Facial Foam $12.20

and cos i spend more than $150, there’s a free gift pack!
looks pretty and i didnt know got smthg inside.

I have been hearing all the raves about this Biore aqua watery base sunblock cos i really want a sunscreen that isnt greasy and leave a whitish sheen.
then i saw another Biore sunscreen with “WHITENING” word and i tested, so im sold. HAHA.

Now for the CURE aqua gel. IM so mad this product is now $49!!! KNN.
used to cost $40. 25% increase is not acceptable.
although it suppsoe to last 4 months, but i took 2 years. so about $1 a month.

My favourite foam cleanser!! it rocks!! so thick and foamy.

As for the Guclosamine, its a birthday present for my mom.

As for the free goodie bag, i realise theres some free samples inside!!

OK thats all, i hope to do another review of a product soon!
Have a good sunday. 🙂

[Review] Mud Rang Cleansing Foam – Clay


Received this many months back in my Glamabox (which i have unsubscribed).

Have you heard of this brand? i have never seem or heard it, so have no expectations at all.

the words behind are all in korean so i didnt take any photo


Boryeong Mud which has been collected around Daecheon beach, is well known to have an excellent effect on a skin contraction and anti-aging, keeps the skin vitalized and elastic to look young and fresh, because it includeds good elements for the human body such as Minerals, Gemanium and Bentonite.

Boryeong mud produces a large amount of far-infrared rays (FIR), a form of light invisible to the naked eye – which ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood. The effects of FIR are improved oxygen levels in our bodies, the removal of toxins and fats from our bloodstream and elimination of waste, and improvement of nervous functions.

I have tried, solid, powder, gel, foam cleansers and gel cleansers works best for my skin. i dont like foam cleansers normally as i feel they strip out my skin moisture and always leave behind a residue feeling so i dont use them

anyway, i gave this away, and when i need to wash my face that day, i had to use it.

I really love it!! so i decided to review it

you can see the colour is slight dirty sandy colour from the ‘clay’ and natural mud.

to my surprise – this foams more easily than i thought! i can spread this easily and massage this over for about 30 sec

(there should be more foam than this)

during rinsing, i can really feel that there is no residue and it really washes off everything.

upon drying – face feels really clean and soft too – no tightness from stripping moisture!!

i love cleansers that cleans well. i dont buy the idea of those ‘added function’ cleansers, like those in the whitening series, or anti aging series, or hydrating series.

to me, a cleanser shd just ensure nothing is left on the face. then the face is ready to absorb anything after that right. anything extra shd come after that.

Sold on Glamashop SGD28.43 for 150ml
i found the Facebook page for it which is for Malaysia 150ml for RM120


[Review] Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Milk


Bought this at Watsons last month.

2 bottles for $11.90 if im not wrong. A friend of mine wanted to get it as she used it before saying its not bad so i shared with her to try.

it contains parabens and castor oil =X

i’ve used it for about 2 weeks and i’m not sure if i should use it as a make up remover or cleanser. but i am going to review it for both functions anyway.


as usual i applied more than my usual day make up on the back of my hand.
concealer, eyeliner, mascara etc
it is more like a cream than milk, and fragrance is strong which i dont like it.

after rubbing for 20 seconds i feel like the make up is not coming off, so i added more milk and rub again

After rinsing…

Verdict: does not remove makeup.


i’ve used this as a cleanser in the mornings,
or after removing make up,
and even as a 2nd cleanser after washing my face once.

If i use this in the morning with some oil on my face, this cleanser cannot get rid of the oil.
i can feel a film of something on my face.
and my skin cant seem to breathe at all.

after drying it is better like nothing is there but just to play safe,
i will wash again with my regular cleanser

However, this effect is less apparent if i washed my face with my regular cleanser, followed by the Nivea Cleansing milk.
i guess my regular cleanser removed the oil on my face already.

so to illustrate what i was saying:
i washed my makeup free left hand with the Nivea cleansing milk
i washed my right hand with the Avene Soapless Foaming Gel (my regular cleanser)

You can see that after rinsing, the water on my left hand will streak together.
but the water on the right hand is evenly distributed

so i think, there is really something left behind after washing with NIVEA.
after cleansing, the next steps are the nourishing part like toner, serums etc which i want them to be evenly absorbed and not blocked by anything.

i am sorry, i cannot recommend this for those with combi – oily skin.

it worked for my friend, whom has dry – normal skin.

[Review] Eversoft Organic Apricot Deep Action Facial Scrub


Was looking for a cheap scrub and spot this – i rmb its less than SGD$7 for 100g.

as you can tell i’ve used about 2/3 of the tube

Formulated in Japan! made in malaysia
i am looking for something exfoliating with beads and this sounds like it can do the trick.

this is the scrub closeup

the cream is really full of beads, can feel it the moment you spread it. feels quite rough too. i am not sure how the famous St ive’s scrub feels like so i cant compare. but i know not to exfoliate too often as it is bad for pores and and stresses your skin. i only do this about once a week ard my T zone only, since the skin on my face is very thin.

i also use this on my back, arms and body when i shower. i love the refreshing smell!
body certainly feels clearer and fairer after use.

as for my face, it helps to remove the rough feeling ard my nose and clear up the very large pores on my T zone. i rub very gently in hope not to enlarge them further.

not bad i would say, really value for money!!
i’ve bought the st ive’s one at a sale recently. will use that once this is done 🙂

Mini Guardian and Watsons Haul


apologies for the lack of posts as i’ve just came back from a mini getaway and then overwhelmed with work.

Stress comes with consequences – Shopping.
not heavy spending shopping, but those mini quickies during lunch or after work, lasting no longer than 10 min.

we spend so much effort and stress working, only to spend more money recuperating.

anw these items are on SALE, so i have the perfect excuse to buy them. some are neccessities, some are not.

Here’s what i got from Guardian in 10 min (after work)

From Top Left clockwise:
//St Ives apricot invigorating scrub (my first St Ive’s!! was deliberating btw this and the brightening one and decided on this, threw away the receipt so no price sorry but its <$10 I think)
// Guardian Acai Berry mask $2
// Guardian Caviar Mask $2
// Neutrogena Fine Fairness toner $7!!!
// Garnier Intensive 3 in 1 whitening essence mask $2 (new introductory price!)
// Guardian 2in1 double intensive brightening mask $2.95 (dont knwo why must have korean packaging, ladies must be suckers for korean items)
// Lucidol L Hair Treatment water spray (love the compactness and i've used half the bottle in 5 days)

Bijinsenmon Leg Mask exclusive to guardian only.
funny thing: box of 3 for $39, or 1 for $11.90. (you do the math)
not many places sell the single mask type so i got mine at tampines 1. this is my 2nd time buying 🙂

and watsons having bazaar!! lunchtime quickie:

e.l.f lip brush at $4.90
round contour brush at $9.90

when watsons have bazaars, they sell items from NYX, ELF, OPI, Coastal sands and all the american brands. i really really wonder why they are not sold normally in stores and kept until bazaars.

i hope to do a review soon. either eye cream or sunblock!! stay tuned.

[Review] Philosophy – Purity Made Simple


Ah, I’ve finally gotten down to reviewing this HG cleanser of mine. First, let’s see what this product claims to deliver.

A highly effective one-step facial cleanser. Philosophy Purity Made Simple is a pH-balanced formula that rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup while deep cleaning pores. The best-selling cleanser contains infusions of sage, chamomile, and carrot.

Water, Sodium Lauroamphoacetate, Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Coco-Glucoside, Coconut Alcohol, Peg-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate, Aniba Rosaeodora (Rosewood) Wood Oil, Geranium Maculatum Oil, Guaiac (Guaiacum Officinale) Extract, Cymbopogon Martini Oil, Rosa Damascena Extract, Amyris Balsamifera Bark Oil, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Oil, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil, Cinnamomum Cassia Leaf Oil, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil, Piper Nigrum (Pepper) Seed Extract, Polysorbate 20, Glycerin, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Yellow 5 (Ci 19140).

Research results (taken from Sephora):
-100% reported that the cleanser is gentle enough for the eye area.
-97% reported effective removal of dirt, oil, and makeup.
-97% reported a clean, residue-free finish.

back of the bottle

I’ve read about this highly raved cleanser for years before actually trying it since it wasn’t available in Singapore yet at that time. The first time I tried it was at Kun’s place. Since then, I only bought it when friends are collating orders to do bulk purchases from the US to save on shipping costs. Bath and beauty products are heavy so it was pretty pricey. So during my trip to the US in March, I stocked up on the bigger bottles and bought many smaller trial bottles to give to my gfs. Speaking of the smaller bottles, the size is perfect for travelling BUT pls don’t bring it anywhere cos it leaks! With both the screw cap as well as the flip cap.

Don’t you just love Philosophy’s branding?

Ok, let’s move on the the actual review.

Use about this much

Doesn’really lather up


How it looks after massaging 30 sec on face. Purity claims to the a one-step cleanser. This is true only if you’re not wearing any makeup or if you use at least a generous 50c amount. And even then, don’t count on it removing your waterproof mascara (you’d need a separate cleanser for that). Some mornings I will use this alone with my hands, while in the evenings I prefer to use this together with my Clarisonic Mia (another HG). Even though it doesn’t lather very much, I love the creamy consistency of this product. Upon rinsing, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry, just a clean refreshed feeling. I think another reason why this cleanser is refreshing is its smell. The light subtle scent tweleve essential oil blend including rosewood, sandalwood and sage reminds me of a spa retreat. Needless to say, I will continue to repurchase many times over.

Currently, Philosophy is available at Sephora Singapore & Changi Airport Transit Lounge. You can check out Philosophy Singapore FB page here.