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[Review] Eversoft Organic Apricot Deep Action Facial Scrub


Was looking for a cheap scrub and spot this – i rmb its less than SGD$7 for 100g.

as you can tell i’ve used about 2/3 of the tube

Formulated in Japan! made in malaysia
i am looking for something exfoliating with beads and this sounds like it can do the trick.

this is the scrub closeup

the cream is really full of beads, can feel it the moment you spread it. feels quite rough too. i am not sure how the famous St ive’s scrub feels like so i cant compare. but i know not to exfoliate too often as it is bad for pores and and stresses your skin. i only do this about once a week ard my T zone only, since the skin on my face is very thin.

i also use this on my back, arms and body when i shower. i love the refreshing smell!
body certainly feels clearer and fairer after use.

as for my face, it helps to remove the rough feeling ard my nose and clear up the very large pores on my T zone. i rub very gently in hope not to enlarge them further.

not bad i would say, really value for money!!
i’ve bought the st ive’s one at a sale recently. will use that once this is done 🙂