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My Night Time skincare routine


Hello – i have not blogged for very very long!! sorry about that as i was busy with an exam which is finally over!

we just did an LOTD last weekend so do expect more posts coming up!

anyway, i wanted to share my night time skincare routine, and i wanted to try in a video format for fun! its my VERY first time doing this.
i just filmed, download a video editing software and tried for the first time, so dont expect quality video quality and editing skills k.

I’m sorry that I placed the phone too deep in the shelf. it was really spontaneous idea so no QC checking!!

Products used:
Innisfree White Tone up skin
Missha Time Revolution White Cure Science Blanc
Missha Near Skin Inner Moist Eye Cream
Clarins Lotus Facial Treatment Oil

Song: Girls’ Generation ‘All my love is for you’

[Review] Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Collection


My love affair with Kiehl’s started in 2011, when I first bought the famed Kiehl’s lip balm for my chapped lips. I never looked back from then. It was undoubtedly the best lip balm I ever used. I had a tendency to have dry lips because of my eczema and I had some really nasty experiences with drug-store lip balms previously. I had allergic reactions that made my lips swell like an unattractive Angelina Jolie. These mysterious swellings made me really wary of lip balms. Kiehl’s was the only one which moisturised my lips, in summer and winter, with no swelling.

From then, I started experimenting with other products like the Midnight Recovery Serum and Ultra Facial Cream for night moisturizing as I sleep. I loved the Midnight Recovery Serum for its lovely lavender scent and its easy to apply texture. Although it is expensive (SGD$90), it lasted me for more than 1 year.

Recently, when I decided to do a skincare overhaul, I was contemplating brands like Laniege, Clinque and Biotherm. Then, I decided to walk into Kiehl’s and came out $200 poorer.

This is my loot.


Now you probably understand why I was $200 poorer, but let’s go into the products proper.


My daily skincare regime depends on these babies. I have combination skin but I was concerned about sleeping in a airconditioned room and having my skin shrivel like a prune. Also, I had clogged pores which made the oil-free property very much a necessity. The salesgirl mentioned that the cleaning property of the cleanser was so good it can leave the skin feeling a little rubbery. I like the rubbery feel as it feels really clean. Plus, the skin is restored very easily when the other products are applied. The moisturizer is a dream come true. I can feel the moisture going into my skin immediately and its light texture makes it suitable for day and night application. Of course, I discovered the sun screen and never went back to other brands. It definitely complements my skin care regime.


Both of these are samples which I had grown to use regularly and like quite a bit. The skin brightening exfoliator is used alternating with the cleanser and I like how the beads in the exfoliator are quite fine so I don’t feel that it’s tearing my skin. The Dark Spot Solution is perfect to combat possible age-related problems like dark spots. My sample is almost 1/2 gone after 2 months of use and I think I will go and get the actual bottle.


My Midnight Recovery Concentrate and a new product, Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate. The eye cream is recommended by the sales girl, when I commented I had a problem with fine lines and puffy eyes. There was another cream which she recommended for fine lines and dark circles (enhanced with Vit C) but I decided my puffy eyes are a bigger problem that the dark circles.


These were the samples Kiehl’s gave and they are certainly generous. They even provided me with some for men since my hubby was with me. For a man who loves fashion, my husband certainly don’t give two hoots about his skin. I am still in the midst of convincing him to use the products.

Two months after regular use, I feel that my skin tone is more uniform and my skin feels less dry. Although my pores are still clogged (I am so overdue for my facials), I am grateful that I found a brand of products that genuinely make a difference to my skin.

[Review] My Beauty Diary Puffiness Intensive Care Eye Mask


Puffy Eyes are one of the biggest worries of my face. I hope this can help.

I usually dont buy Beauty Diary stuff in SG but they were on sale so the price is acceptable..
they translate to english for you!

Full of goodness and no parabens.

And the butterfly shaped mask is so cute!

it feels so cool on my skin and my eyes are drinking up the moisture from the mask.

I removed after 20 min.

What do you think?
I think its not bad! my puffiness is reduced, although very slightly.
i cant wait to use it again tonight.

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

[Review] Etude House Eye’s Cream Vanilla Moist


Hello! have not done a product review in a while so here i am!

I started using eye cream from last year onwards as i feel that the skin under my eyes are getting saggy and dull and fine lines (HORRORS of aging)

When i was in Korea, one of the things i must buy is eye cream. im currently using those from the tube so wanted to try another form.

Moisturizing, brightening, anti-wrinkle – just what i need!!

this is more like a eye stick and balm as it come in a white solid form and you have to turn the tube once it finishes.

i think this says you can apply on top, at the sides and under your eyes.

My thoughts:

i really like that the skin ard my eyes feel so cooling when i apply this.
also, the balm is not greasy at all and i feel very happy to apply more than 1 layer when i use it. it doesnt have any scent in my opinion which is good.
i usually apply 2-3 layers depending on the weather and when i touch my skin its in the right state, soft and moist (but yet not overly moist feeling)

i also bring it with me when i travel as it is really compact to carry around and no worries of spillage in the bag.

i have not used this for long term but i do find that its a good pdt to buy.

[Review] MISSHA Anti Trouble Patch & Firming Eye Patch


As you may know, i was in Korea in December and i had some huge acnes popping out.
i was quite upset cos i thot the weather would be perfect for better skin,
and it was not the time of the month.

so i bought some stuff hopefully for quick fix and test the effectiveness!

First up,
The MISSHA speedy solution Anti Trouble Patch.

i have no idea what its saying..

it came in 10 stickers of various sizes but defitely large enough to cover your deveploping ache.

i pasted 2. one below my left nostril and one near where my finger is pointing.
not very obvious right the sticker. i think it is designed to be worn out as well.

Does it work?
i wore it to bed and when i woke up i do feel that the pimple did not increase in size.
normally for me it would when it is in the developing stage.
so im rather happy.
but of cos there is still a bump and i waited for it to ripe and yes i squeeze it.
all is good now.

i would say this works to stop the inflamation and prevent swelling πŸ™‚

secondly, to reduce my eye bags, i got this!


i really like the material. its like thick felt fabric material, which is heavier compared to the other eye patches i have tried.
it is cooling and comfortable to my skin as well.

so this is how i look before bed.

Does it work?
i think it does slightly. i think i took out the eye patch about 45 min later and continue sleeping.
the skin under my eye felt firmer and moisturized!

these are rather cheap i cant remember the exact price but i recalled it was about 1500 won maximum (SGD1.70)

[Review] GenTeal Gel


Many of us have dry eyes. Either from natural causes or we stare at computers/ipad/mobile/television too much and this strain usually cause us to have dry eyes. I never had dry eyes problem until I started wearing contact lens. After years of constant reliance on contact lens (vanity got the better of me), I had “chronic” dry eyes. Meaning even when I didn’t wear contacts, they became perpetually dry 😦  Those were the days where I would usually rely on eye drops and I needed something that was dual purpose (with & without contact lens on).

Finally I decided to go for LASIK surgery. At my pre-surgery consultation, my cornea was deem too dry so my eye doctor ask me to stay off contacts for a few weeks and during which, I had to religiously wet my eyes with eye drops. Hello Spec-ky! Even after a few weeks of that, when I went back for my review, it was still a no-go.

And that was when I became aquainted with the EYE GEL!

Before that, I only knew of eye drops so I was sceptical about eye gels. I mean the only eye gels I know of, they go on the skin around my eye. haha. But I was a convert after the first application. My eyes felt super moisturised & lubricated. It was a treat for my tired and strained eyes. THe doctor said eye drops can lubricate your eyes for only a few minutes, whereas eye gels can do that for an hour! The only downside is that you might experience blurred vision for a few seconds while the gel is spreading over your cornea but that doesn’t affect me.

So now even though I no longer have dry eyes, I like to apply these before I sleep and another time when I wake up.

I use about this much and apply it on the pink area when I pull my lower eyelid down.

It’s not easy toΒ  find this and I only manage to get it at NTUC Unity Healthcare. Cheers to eyes that sparkle!

p.s. I went for Epi-LASIK in the end cos it reduces the risk of dry eyes post surgery

[Review] Sasatinnie Silky Whitening eye mask


I was given a pack of these when a friend when to HK for holiday. its exactly what i need as my dark circles is one of my major troubled worries for my face.

its those gel type masks soaked in a tray of essence.

closeup of the masks – white gel like texture.

i sleep about 4-5- hours on weekdays, here’s the dark circles

i think it is more prominent as i have fair skin. also, a slight tug under my eye reveals some dark purple veins. i suspect this is due to poor blood circulation as well. i shall do more undereye massage!!

so to me, there is only so much an eye mask can do – lighten and moisturize the skin under the eyes. the root cause can be genetics, lack of sleep, and poor blood circulation.

enjoying the cooling effect under my eye.

i removed the masks after 30 min and went to bed.
.After 5 hours of sleep…

the lighting in the morning ain’t very good – apologies.

i am quite impressed with the results, although i feel that sleep is a major contributing agent to the lightened circles. but this certainly helps πŸ™‚

[Review] Missha Inner Moist Vitalize Eye Cream


I use this eye cream about 3-4 times a week at night after washing my face. other nights i do not use eye cream… as i dont feel that i need to use so much at this time, and i’m still pretty new to this eye cream thing.

Featuring my night eye cream: MISSHA Near SKIN Inner moist collection

at my age i feel the type of eye cream i need would be the moisturizing type, so upon doing some read ups decided on this and asked LJ to help me buy from korea, > 50% cheaper there πŸ™‚

i hope you are reading every word in there. sounds pretty cool right!

i like the part about 6-free: alochol-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, benzophenon-free, tricosan-free, GMO-free

Near Skin Inner Moist series focuses on dehydration, the main reason of skin troubles such as aging, losing elasticity and troubles.

containing 17 Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) such Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramid, Lecithin, PGA, Cholesterol and 11 Essential Amino Acids, it workds each skin layers and relives inner and outer dryness.

loving the science behind this: im a sucker for this πŸ™‚

here’s the product swatch:

light viscous texture.

i really like the moisturizing properties of this eye cream. i am confident that my eyes are moisturized for > 6 hours each time i used this.

eyes are def less tired looking the next day.

i dont really feel i need an eye cream badly now so all im looking for is something in my maintenance regime to ensure the skin stays healthy and wrinkle free!!

Recommended? Yes!

Review: My Beauty Diary Intensive double Vitamin C Eye Masks


Another eye care review this week, this one is from the famous “My Beauty Diary” brand, im sure you girls are very familiar with its facial masks, and now they have eye masks!!
i bought this box in Taiwan last Nov. I have not seen in SG yet though.. can ask your friends gg taiwan to buy for you πŸ™‚

here’s the product description:

Functions: lighten dark eye circles, reduce fine lines.

to be placed after toner for 10-15 min, no need to rinse! after removing the masks, massage the essence into the skin for absorbtion. for best results use it for a week consecutively.

you know, i was down to last 2 pieces when i read the ‘for best results use it for a week consecutively.’ line 😦
so i guess mine is not the best results.

i like how this eye masks also has fabric for the top eyelid, instead of only the area below the eye. its really quite interesting.

i feel like some superhero in mask… and also it does not sting the eyes or anything.

after 20-30 min (i usually put longer than instructed), i removed to masks and use my fingers to gently dab the rest of the essence into the skin.
the skin feels moist and firm, and the next morning, the area under my eyes are not dark, i feel like there is a wee bit of diff! imagine if i used it for 1 week everyday man.

here’s the before and after after 2 applications.

fine lines reduced!

honestly, i cant say there is much visible diff, as i’ve only done this after 2 masks, and i’ve no more masks 😦
i was pretty pleased with the results the next day cos after a good sleep the eye area always look more refreshed. and i DID take a photo the next morning using internal camera (which always hides the details)

internal camera. looks almost perfect right?

haha. anyway i would still recommend this cos i feel the undereye area is brighter and moist the next morning, and i want to buy 1 more box to try it consecutively every night ‘for best results’ . (what a sucker for eye care).

[Review] The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel


you know, this is the 3rd post on The Face Shop Raspberry Roots series from me. First is the sleeping mask review, then the collagen eye patch review.

The face shop must be very proud of me man!! its my first time owning more than 1 pdt from the same series. anw its really a coincidence that i have all 3, not that i went out to buy all 3 together.
the eye patch is a gift from a friend from xmas last year. and this eye gel was from my HK trip last year May, same as the sleeping mask

this is it!

this is the first eye gel i buoght in my entire life, cos i know i have v bad dark circles and eye bags.
i actually bought it without knowing its to reduce puffiness, thinking its to brighten the undereye area. but hey, every type of eye gel is designed to benefit right?

let me show u the texture and colour..

can see? this is a white colour light non greasy gel which is almost odourless, i cant really smell anything actually.

i use this every morning for the past 5 months, mronings cos i feel like i always look bloated in the morning, especially on my face cos of water retention. and hope this can help.

not too bad, i feel this also helps to moisturize the under eye area, and the non greasy texture makes it very light to the skin, which i prefer.
in terms of dark circles and fine lines, im afraid thsi cant help – which it is not designed to as well.

i would recommend this if your eye bags are always bothering you, but dont expect miracles from this to reduce lines + perform other functions.

Rating: 3/5