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[LOTD] A Thing for Spring!


Hello! i know its Fall now but in singapore, everyday is summer. So we just have to go with the humidity, our moods, and whats trending in blogshopping-o-sphere.

Here’s my LOTD some months back, when i had Dim Sum with Syd at Raffles hotel, Lei Garden 🙂 The food was great btw.


Top: Adele floral bustier top in White from Flair Closet

this skirt comes in dark denim wash as well. and the flowers on the skirt is embroidery sewn on! how detailed is that. i love apparels that are well made as they make a lot of difference in the shape and overall look of one person.
I love this playful skirt and i can wear it with most of my tops, tucked or untucked.

It features a metal button at the back, like your typical denim jeans opening.
best part is …
The denim is thick and structured which keeps the flare look in check

was trying to act emo for this shot since i borrowed SYd’s red lipstick which is really rich in pigments and major love.
i think with my fair skin n black looking hair it kena reminds me of snow white 白雪公主 wahaha !

[LOTD] Weekend basics


What i love about weekends is that i can wear my most comfortable clothes head to toe, and of cos not compromising on style when im out with my girls!


Top: White basic Zara Tank

Outerwear: Navy Blue Mango Casual cropped cardigan

Bottom: Pink floral skorts from Uniqlo

Shoes: DMK ballet flats

i totally adore Zara’s basic tank fabric, it feels so smooth and rich and the quality adds a classy touch to any outfit. they always sell out fast in size S and i managed to get this 2 mths back. it has been a staple in my work and off work outfits since.

I also love the mini cardigan from Mango. I swear they make one of the best cardigans. they always keep me warm and do not compromise on comfort unlike other brands i feel. others are either too stiff or not warm enough.

My skin loves the softness of this cardi that i bought 2 more.


Best part is short cardis are perfect for dressy outfits as those full length ones tend to make the look baggy, and spoils the silouette of the dress.

as seen below. circa july 2012


Another favourite of mine these few weeks is this Uniqlo skorts. it looks like a skirt but its sewn in the center so its a shorts too.

its fully lined underneath and both materials in and out are super silky! i think from this photo you can see the brightness of this becos the light can really reflect on this unique satinny material. not just the normal stiff satin, this is thicker and silkier!

i am not a skirt person on weekends so this is perfect for chilling out over weekends and i dont have to worry about how i cross my legs.


what can i say, a pair of nude flats is essential in every girls shoerack!


[LOTD] Floral Inspiration


Good sunday all 🙂

I attended a wedding lunch and dinner recently and here’s my outfit.

the ceremony was held outdoors under a beautiful tree so i try to go for a floral look.


Camilla and Belle Dress in Steel Lavender from SMOOCH – $40
Bag – Bata $30+
Shoes – Bata $15

Featuring duo straps on one side of the shoulder, the beauty of the Camilla and Belle Dress lies in its skirt. Akin to an artwork, beautiful floral appliques with lace inserts within are carefully sewn onto the skirt portion of the dress. The floral appliques goes beyond the hemline of the skirt, allowing one to admire the sheer beauty of the appliques in completion. The cutting of the Camilla and Belle Dress flatters the body with its slouchy top and bodycon skirt.

Don’t you think this dress is lovely?

A photo from the ceremony:

It fits me really well except that the duo straps keep falling off and is not here not there, so it does feel like im wearing it wrong sometimes. as you can see above, the nearer strap is too close to my neck and the further strap is too far.

I am really pleased with the quality of the patchwork and got many praises from friends 🙂

as i have short hair now, im not sure what to do with it but accessorise.
Thankfully, i have a matching flower hair clip from H&M, to complete the look

Make up that day is simple, i try to do more highlights and contouring on my face.
and pairing with my favourite pink lipstick for a girly look

However, i am really upset with the time i waited for backorder of this dress.
i ordered on 31 Jan as backorder, and only got it last week of June!!
There was only 1 update sent in May that the dress would be ready in June. so there was 4 mths of waiting for the first update.

ON 15 June – i emailed them for an update without knowing it was updated to sent on 14 June -they replied me saying it was sent out on 14th as well

On 20 June i have not got it so i email them again and they said it was sent on 18 June so i should be getting it soon. (ok…… i thought THEY said it was sent on 14?)

so i was really disappointed with this experience.. i hope you girls will not face the same issue like me when you buy there.

[LOTD] My SummerXJap Outfit


Hello guys, hope your weekend was great!

Here’s an outfit i put together for a day out with my girlfriends on a weekend.


Grey star studded sweater top: H&M

Pastel blue flowery skorts: Lowry’s Farm

Shoes: Forever 21

Although its always hot in summary singapore, but i still prefer to wear long sleeves top sometimes because the air conditioning indoors can be really cold sometiems!

especially in the cinema.

and also im afraid of chilling weather.


i love the off shoulder cut which makes it a lil atypical.

the silver star studs give its a rocker chick feel which adds more oomph to any outfit.

my favourite part of this top is the ultra long sleeves which are tapers at the ends so its tighter and gives its a more too-cool-for-school look. LOLOL.


the skorts from Lowry’s farm was on sale and looks really jappy on the manequin so i gave it a shot.
its elastic banded at the waist with a drawstring which is not revealed here cos of my top. i have also paired it with a laced top to show the details of the waist.

finally a good shot! haha.

have a good sunday all, you can follow me on instagram @dancerinadream for more photos of clothes and food. =D

[LOTD] Monochromes are back



Yes, monochromes are big this season. here’s how i try to pull off a black and white outfit in the hot weather.

Black cut out sleeved Top: Topshop preloved from Sherlyn Chan
Rose canvas print bottom: Thread Theory $28.50
Shoes: Forever 21


I love how the cooling material of the top which is perfect for our hot weather.

My wardrobe are usually domnitated with colours and seldom have any blacks/whites but i do have a substantial amt of monos for easy matching and dont-want-to-fuss days

the rose prints adds a touch of elegance to this ensemble dont you think? for my first printed pants, this is not to over the top and i recommend anyone whom wants to try out printed pants this structured canvas pants.
Perfect for dress down Fridays too 🙂

the cobalt blue of this shoes gives the whole outfit a tiny burst of brightness, with a similar matching print as the pants.
the loafers looking top of the shoes adds a vintage look and feel which is love!


[LOTD] Channeling My Inner Duchess


It’s strange how one’s sense of aesthetics change as we grow older. I used to love the funky high street styles for its bold choices of prints, colours and the general sense of adventure. Maybe it had to do with my dancing days in university. In the recent years, one of my current style icons is none other than the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton. The 20 year old me might have been surprised.

Her sartorial choices are always sensible, flattering and never matronly. She won’t be winning any awards for the most creative dress sense but definitely reigns high in the fashion charts worldwide.

Taken from US Weekly – Copy Kate Middleton’s Style for Less

Here’s my take on Duchess fashion, of course for less.



Floral sleeved shift dress – H&M

Suede wedges – Timberland

White leather clutch – Coach Japan

Of course, what I needed to finish the look is the signature to-die-for curls. 😦


Making up my lack of royalty and bouncy curls with the colour of royalty and a mega-watt smile


A closer look at my outfit’s details. I love the watercolour-esque prints of this dress and it’s oh-so-comfy. Not to mention, it’s a dream for a laundry nut – machine wash and no ironing needed! This is one of my favourite work dresses too.

Hope you like this outfit as much as I do. I look forward to do more LOTD inspired by the Duchess again.

My Wedding Memories


This is (as usual) a really backdated post, so please bear with my reminiscence.

I got married 6 months ago and it was indeed one of the most beautiful and sweetest memories I had so far in my life.

When I started planning my wedding, like all web-savvy brides, I prowled through the web for inspiration to make my wedding as beautiful as it could be. Pininterest,  Instagram, Taobao and other bloggers.

To be the perfect wedding, I realised it must look really lovely in pictures so I racked my brains how to make it look pretty and not cause me a hole in the pocket. I am grateful I have a sensible husband who canned many of my ideas as his practicality rationalised my whimsical wants.

So, I compromised and now looking back, I am glad I compromised. My wedding was not Pininterest perfect, but it was perfect to me as all who loved me were there and the pictures turned out great even when I did not spend as much as what some other brides would have.

Sharing some of my favourite memories from my big day last year.




My gown was a bustier with a sweetheart neck-line, accessorized with diamantes, a silhouette toga as well as the monstrously fluffy train. I wanted a gown that was as couture as possible and I couldn’t have asked for a prettier gown. It might not suit everyone but I was happy with how I looked.


It was like the dramas which I watched, but it was real. Watching your husband beam as he walked into the room to pick you up, the moment is indeed priceless.


The classic bride in the car moment.



The first few moments of us in our room were spent eating glutinous rice balls in a sweet soup (signifying a blessed and happy union) and him taking out the pins from my hair. Only the husband is allowed to do so, one of the many Chinese rituals which I learnt along the way.



The people who kept us sane – the bridal party of my bridesmaids and his groomsmen. Without them, we could not have gone through everything smoothly and happily.


My traditional Kwa, the classic wedding gown of a Cantonese bride. Many prefer wearing the cheongsam for its classic silhouette and how it can be designed to show off the bride’s figure but I wanted to wear the Cantonese wedding kwa as a nod to my heritage. Plus, I learnt to appreciate how ornate the embroidery and opulent the dress can look.


Our shoes when we were kneeling down for the tea ceremony. His were Dior Homme and mine were from Elisa Lutz. This shot is such an interesting way to look at our wedding ceremony 🙂






This series of pictures is as Pininterest as it gets. We took a slight detour off to Singapore Botanical Gardens to take some pictures and of course, it was the perfect opportunity for me to wear another gown. This gown was rented from another vendor, Bridal Closet, apart from my original gowns. I love how the purple and bronze iridescent looked so flowy in the daylight and how my bridesmaids’ dresses look absolutely classic and timeless. These pictures always bring a smile to my face.





Some shots of the decor from the banquet at night. One of the frills I fought for was the candy buffet bar by JOandJARS. I had such a lovely time working with Petrina and she shared my aesthetic eyes to conjure my green and purple Garden theme using gem biscuits, lace cones and the prettiest flowers combination. It went so well with the apple theme that we picked for the ballroom decor. Not the typical colour scheme you expect from a banquet dinner but both of us really liked how it looked.

I would let the pictures do the talking 🙂



969590_10152924473045354_202611042_n (1)


9400_10152924475380354_2127964369_n (1)

996181_10152924477720354_113542186_n (1)



600302_10152924470120354_263098189_n 945924_10152924471745354_1368060336_n (1)

I did not put up many photos of guests as I wasn’t sure if my guests would take kindly to their photos being posted on this blog. Nonetheless, I think my fellow contributors would not mind having their photos featured as part of this wedding post.

I will end this post with my favourite picture of the night – it is a really goofy and unglamorous picture of us.


A little story behind this picture – my husband was opening up the bottle of champagne and the cork hit the ceiling. Loe and behold, it ended in my father-in-law’s champagne glass. That probably explain why our expression is so classic. But this is really us, we are goofy and not the most polished of all couples. This way, we are perfect for each other.

[LOTD] A Walk in the Park – Color Blocking


Hello everyone!
I’m into bright clean colors recently and cobalt blue is the perfect safe color to try. Was abit of a regret cos it was so hot (and humid) that day to really enjoy myself. Going through the pics I realise I wasn’t smiling in any of them too!

Missypixie top, Triselle jeggings, Tangs Studio slingback heels, clutch from FEP, Gorjana bangle, belt frm Isetan


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProlly sulking at the warm weather


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Quick Shopping in one hour


Some of the stuff i got in less than an hour today!!

Forever new lime cut out dress – $55.79 (original $159.90)


My first cut out dress!
I love the triangle cut out cos its below my bust not on top. not cleavage baring so i dont feel so insecure..
Made of thick satin so looks very fit and structured.
This is UK 4 and im UK6 so i took forever to zip it. Really have to stop breathing.
I will need to diet 2 weeks before i can wear it for a wedding. Otherwise i cant eat at all in this dress.

Uniqlo shorts $16 and skorts $25

These are going to be my June faves!
They came in many prints and these are my choices
The shorts is elastic band at waist so its so easy to wear yet looks so chic for my weekend staples. I want to buy more.
Wish i got it on sale (since they have random sales on selected pieces)
The skorts are made of this silky soft material that feels cool n looks shiny to the touch.
Its 99% skirt and 1% shorts cos i only know its skorts cos my fren told me. The closure at the bottom is very low and just a small stitch. PERFECT for a girl like me whom cant sit properly.